RTL139 and RF457 at Clapton Pond

Hackney Marshes Bus Running Day

Sunday April 16th 2006

Prepared by Ian Smith, 27th April 2006

Part Four: Leyton Garage

Gill Hinson arrived with RF453, terminating on the 236. After unloading, the bus rounded Leyton Green and disappeared into the far depths of Leyton Garage. Standing in splendid isolation within the shed was Stagecoach Trident 17812, having worked in off the 55.

RF453 at Leyton Green on 236 17812 in Leyton Garage

Now there was something of a hiatus. Nothing happened, repeatedly! Then after quite a while there was the characteristic burbling sound of an RF inside the garage, and out popped not RF453 but doorless RF433, with John Hinson driving. This shot off down the road towards Hackney.

RF433 leaves Leyton Garage on 236 RF433 leaves Leyton Garage on 236

Then at last a bus appeared from the north: RT2043 came roaring up on a 38A to the Green, and promptly disappeared inside the shed. This was followed almost immediately by RML2394, showing 38 blinds, which turned in front of the garage.

RT2043 arrives on 38A RT2043 arrives on 38A RML2394 arrives on 38

RF457 arrived on the next 236, and pulled up on the northbound stop opposite the Green. RML2394 prepared to leave immediately, getting back into sequence.

RF457 arrives on 236 RML2394 leaves Leyton Garage on 38

RT2043 emerged from the garage after a few minutes. I thought I might go for a ride, so got on and took my seat behind the bonnet. RF457 was still waiting on the other side of the road. RT2043 set off on its 38A journey to Mildmay Park via Clapton Pond. Just as it set off I spotted RF28 arriving on the Green Line 720, and promptly changed my mind. I alighted at the first stop up the road, and walked back down to the Green. RF28 had retired inside, and RF457 had gone too.

RT2043 leaves Leyton Garage RF457 opposite Leyton Garage RT2043 in Leyton (rear)

Next to arrive was RTL139, its Leyland growl unmistakeable. It swung round to stop in front of the garage doors, behind a Stagecoach Trident.

RTL139 on 38A, Leyton Garage RTL139 on 38A, Leyton Garage

RTL139 did not stay long, soon swinging away round the green and back towards Clapton Pond. I looked in through the garage doorway (I did NOT go in!). RF453 was coming down past Trident 17814 to take up the next 236 working. Gill Hinson brought the RF out onto the stance. I went to say hello and apologise for not travelling on her bus.

RTL139 on 38A, Leyton Green RF453 in Leyton Garage

RF453 leaves Leyton Garage RF453 outside Leyton Garage

RF453 went off, and modernised Green Line RF28 came out...

Part 5: Greenline to Bromley-by-Bow (RF28)

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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