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updated 19th July 2022

GS2 at Chapmore End, June 2011 Covid-19 has put a large dent in the prospects of large scale Running Days. The costs, especially of public liability insurance, have sky-rocketed, and the team that used to provide the buses are now older and/or less able, due to Covid effects.

But the hankering to join with a handful of friends to enjoy some of the old buses remains. So it is proposed that a club be formed to share days out with some of London Transport's Country Area buses, recreating some of the lesser known routes. Not many people in a bus for the forseeable future, but perhaps several buses. Country Bus Rallies did some of these in the early days, such as the gathering at Limpsfield Chart back in March 2000.

The primary vehicle types to be used will include; RM/RT/RF/RW/GS.

Any personal data such as contact details will be kept in confidence by Colin Rivers and only for the use of related event information and communications.

Ian Smith will not be an organiser, nor hold data on participants, but will try to keep folk informed and report on those events that he can join (Travel from Teeside, and other commitments make this sometimes uncertain!)

Colin Rivers will co-ordinate and issue the invitations. He can be contacted at Please let him know if you would be interested in joining the club.



Running Day and a Green Rover Day. The Hertford days on Saturday / Sunday 10th/11th September are postponed to 2023, when it is hoped to do a Green RF/GS 80th celebration.

BUT:.....if all goes well there may be Green Rover Days in August and September this year. Colin will notify members by post if arrangements can be may.

Cheer up. Covid may be with us for a long time yet, but we will make do and mend, and keep on B***ERing on.