Prepared on Notepad by Ian Smith,
This page created 7th October 2015.

London Country Dennis Falcons

These notes on London Country's Dennis Falcons come late in the day because they came - and went - in the biggest gap in my data sources. So my apologies for the paucity of information.

DF sketch The ten 48-seater Falcons were bought in April 1990, becoming 301 to 310 in the new company's new numbering scheme. They wore the very smart green/green red London Country livery. They came at about the same time as half a dozen Lynxes, which were deployed on the 289 (Elmers end - West Croydon - Purley). That needed ten large single deckers, so some of the Falcons found themselves used on this. They were also used on the lengthy 414 to Reigate, a very different route from the urban 289.

A year after acquisition they started to disappear. 306 - 310 went first, to Arriva Midland North in April 1991, followed by 301 in August.

The remaining four survived, now very much a minority class. At least one was with Londonlinks for a while. They moved around: Chelsham, Croydon, Crawley, some to Guildford and briefly Slyfield, then Merstham. They found uses on a variety of work, including the truncated 727 between Kingston and Crawley.

But in September 1998 these four also moved, to Arriva North West and then on to Arriva Midlands North.

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