RT3062 and RT1499 at Braintree

Blue Triangle Essex Running Day

Sunday December 10th 2006

Prepared by Ian Smith, 9th January 2007

Part Two: Cravens RT1499

RT3062 and its crew made a break for lunch at Braintree. RM298 was already parked in a corner of the bus station. I went off to find somewhere for a meal.

RT3062 at Braintree RM298 at Braintree

When I got back RT3062 had been joined on the rank by RT1499, back from a trip to Witham Station. It was heading next to Great Dunmow. Conscious that daylight was limited, I joined the green bus for the trip.

RT3062 and RT1499 at Braintree RT1499 at Braintree

Braintree to Great Dunmow and return: 363

This was my first trip on one of the Cravens RTS, and I was immediately struck by how different they looked inside, with a different shape to the windows and window pillars, and the central winders on the opening windows. Details, but what a difference they make.

We roared along to Great Dunmow, and stopped at the Post Office, where I took the opportunity to look round the bus, inside and out.

Inside RT1499 at Great Dunmow RT1499 at Great Dunmow RT1499 at Great Dunmow

We turned round at the War Memorial in Great Dunmow, and headed back east. RM298 came the other way, heading for Harlow on the 622.

Braintree to Easton Lodge and return: 363

Back at Braintree the blinds were wound up for what could well be the last trip to the Banana Factory on the 363.

RM298 on 622 RT1499 at Braintree

We went west again, following the by now familiar trail to Felsted, Little Dunmow and Great Dunmow. The road through Great Dunmow was still blocked, so we made our way round the by-pass again to Easton Lodge, and round the Banana Factory track to pull up at the works. By now it was well dark. Many photos were taken.

Then it was all aboard, and back to Great Dunmow, where we met RT3062.

RM298 on 622 RT1499 at Braintree

Braintree to Harlow: 622

Back at Braintree I pondered whether to continue to Witham, and catch a London train from there. But RM85 was on the stand, warm and welcoming, ready to head back to Harlow and then Epping, and I could not resist. I joined the RM. Heaters DO make a difference in December!

I settled in for the long trip back across Essex to Harlow. This time the obstruction in Great Dunmow had at last been cleared, so we could pursue the proper route on from the post office through the town.

Harlow to Epping Station: 339

I did not try to take pictures at Harlow: damp dark bus stations are not a good place for photography! The blinds were changed for the 339 to Epping Station, and off we went again. But at quiet Epping Station I did try my hand at hand-held non-flash night photography again. before joining the Tube train for the rattle and roar back into London.

RM85 at Braintree RM85 at Epping

Thanks to Roger Wright and his Blue Triangle team. We look forward with anticipation to 2007!

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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