RF679 on 494 to East Grinstead

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 22nd 2018

Prepared by Ian Smith, 8th May 2016.

Part 5: 434: East Grinstead to Turners Hill and back, and on to Sevenoaks

We had no time to have a break in East Grinstead. We pulled up at the War Memorial stop. RT3183 pulled up opposite, ahead of red RT1798. The blinds were changed to read Turners Hill, we took on another full load, and set off.

RT1798 on 409 RF679 on 434 at EG

RT1798 stands at The Crown between 409 turns. RT3148 arrives on one as RF679 loads for a 434 to Turners Hill.

Again we avoided the station, this time by jinking up left from the end of the High Street and descending West Street and then West Hill, down the roundabout in the low part of the town. We continued along Turners Hill Road, passing under the Bluebell Railway not far from Kingscote Station, where for many years the Running Day buses turned at the then northern terminus of the steam railway. We continued along beside the bluebell-carpeted woods, to Turners Hill, where again we made the double tight turn round the triangle to reach the bus stop.

RF679 at Turners Hill

RF679 at Turners Hill.

Then it was back to East Grinstead by the same route. After unloading we again reversed to park next to the ice-cream van, at the west end of the High Street. We had a half-hour before departure at 1715, but the eating places were closing up at five o'clock. The last services were coming in, and leaving for home. GreenLine RF271 came in on a terminating 473 from Crawley. Later it would run as a feeder service to Horsham. A few minutes later XF3 also arrived from Crawley.

RF271 on 473 XF3 on 424 at EG

RF271 pulls in to The War Memorial with a 473 from Crawley via Turners Hill. XF3 arrives a few minutes later with another from Crawley, via Copthorne.
Departure time arrived. Colin and I settled on a "Tour from East Grinstead" blind for the return journey to Sevenoaks, that would take in a 434 trip to Hilders Lane via Edenbridge, part of a 464 to Limpsfield Common, 410 to Westerham and 403 to Sevenoaks Station. We made sure that we had our expected passengers, and set off again, along the familiar route as outlined above. It was a very bonny journey through the spring countryside. We reached Westerham at 1805, and pulled in to allow those who wanted the 246 to alight. We trundled on along the A25. Travel on an RF really is a delight compared with more modern buses: comfortable seats, soothing engine note, a solidity that copes with spring road surfaces. We met a modern offering: Go-Coach Solo 5011 was on the 401 to Westerham, passed by The White Hart between Brasted and Sundridge.

RF679 at Westerham 5011 on 401

RF679 pauses at Westerham. Go-Coach Solo 5011 heads for Westerham on the 401.

Colin dropped the rest of us at Sevenoaks Station, and headed off to berth the bus. It had been a long hard day. Thanks Colin.

RF679 at Sevenoaks Station

RF679 pulls away from Sevenoaks Station.

Many thanks to all those involved in preparing and producing the Running Day, especially Alan Charman for organising, but not forgetting the owners, drivers, conductors, timetablers, programme-producers and sellers. Thanks. It was good.

Buses noted:
RT604, RT1798*, RT3148, RT3183, RT4779
RF28, RF271, RF308, RF406*, RF429*, RF600, RF633, RF679
RM1397*, RML2355*, XF3, MB90
M&D DL39
Southdown 34
East Kent GJG739D
Metrobus 101, 109, 253*, 395, 806
Stagecoach 34229, 34359*

system diagram
Ian's Bus-stop One Two Three Four Five Six