RM2 on 409, East Grinstead

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 10th 2016

Prepared by Ian Smith, 21st April 2016.

Part 5: RM2 to Copthorne and Newchapel

When I joined RM2 the crew was busy topping up the radiator, with this bus's alligator-type bonnet open to reveal the engine. (a 7.7 litre AV470, smaller than the other Routemasters). RF368 passed by, heading east to Edenbridge on a 434. It was followed by Metrobus Dart 721 on a 409 to Forest Row.

RM2 radiator top-up RF368 passes RM2

RM2 gets a radiator top-up. RF368 passes on an outbound 434 to Edenbridge
We set off to the War Memorial to load up. We passed RF271, that had arrived on a 708 from Godstone Green, and drew up behind Dart SLF 3238, heading out on the 135 again.

RF271 on 708 3238 on 135 again

RF271 on 708. 3238 on 135 again.
RM2 followed 3238 round the corner and down the High Street. Traffic behaviour was abysmal. SNB340, coming in on a 494, edged past 3238 and then us. Then red doubledecker DAF DLA147 squeezed past on a 409 to Forest Row. Such relatively modern buses are coming into preservation, so there should not be the large gaps in bus history that have occurred in the past.

SNB340 on 494 DLA147 on 409

3238 squeezes past inbound SNB340 on a 494. DAF DLA147 comes in on an eastbound 409.
We followed 3238 down to the station, but then the Dart turned right to reach Moat Road, while we turned left with the A22 to head out through East Grinstead suburbia towards Felbridge, passing RT3148 on the way. At Felbridge we forked left on Copthorne Road, the 424 route. We met another Country Area RT inbound: RT3183 on the 424.

At Copthorne we turned right and followed the B2028 north-east to Newchapel. There we turned south-east on the 409 route back to East Grinstead.

RT3183 on 424 RM2 bonnet

RT3183 southbound near Felbridge on the 424. RM2 heads east for Newchapel.
Climbing back up through the town we met DLA147 again, heading out of town.

Back up by the War Memorial we were met by 721, heading north for Godstone Green, and DL39, redressed for the 91 to Tunbridge Wells.

DLA147 721 and DL39

DLA147 heads north out of East Grinstead. 721 is still in the 409, while DL39 is dressed for the 91 its route back to Tunbridge Wells.
I alighted from RM2, which went off to turn and prepare to head home. Across the road stood RT4779. It was dressed for the 409 to Godstone, first stage of its journey back to Redhill.

RM2 came back, heading home to the LT Museum at Acton.

RT4779 ready for 409 RM2 heads home

RT4779 dressed for the first stage of its journey home. RM2 heads home to Acton.
By now most buses had departed, either on their last out and return trips, or heading for home. What was left? Was there still a RT ride to be had?...

Part Six: RT604 to Forest Row and back

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