RM2 on 409, East Grinstead

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 10th 2016

Prepared by Ian Smith, 19th April 2016.

Part 4: East Grinstead again

Gracing the High Street at East Grinstead was newly restored M&D Regent V DL39. This low-height double-decker had been a playbus in Austria before repatriation and restoration.

Adding to the scene was Lynx 3043, dressed for a 136 to Hartfield. I didn't head out on it: I was too busy getting something to eat.

DL39 on 97 at EG 3043 on 136, DL39 at EG

Maidstone and District: Low-height VKR39 on the 97 and Lynx 3043 on 136 to Hartfield.
Then there was SC390, the dual-purpose Reliance, which was operating tours to very satisfied customers.

Also popular all day in the spring sunshine was Brighton & Hove Bristol open-topper CAP229.

SC390 on tour at EG CAP229

Maidstone and District SC390 and Brighton & Hove CAP229 on tours.

RF146 on 473 RT4779 on 708

Ex-Greenline RF146 in late London Transport bus livery squeezes past RM2 on a 473 short working, while RT4779 deputises on a Greenline 708 Relief service.

Red RT1798 was working the 424 between East Grinstead and Copthorne. While bus RT4779 had been on Greenline duty, Greenline RMC1461 was working the lowly 428 local route from Dormansland. It squeezed in between the RT and RM1397.

RT1798 on 424 RMC1461 on 428 again

RT1798 was working on route 424. RMC1461 once again squeezed through the gap with a 428.
I walked back towards RM2, which was parked behind RT1702. Preserved Metrobus Olympian 806 eased through the narrow gap on a 409 on the main route to Godstone Green.

I enquired of the RM2 crew when they were going out, which was shortly. I asked permission to travel with them on their 424 trip to Copthorne.

806 on 409 passes RT1702 RM2 on 409

Preserved Metrobus 806 on a westbound 409 passes parked RT1702 Behind the latter RM2 waits, nearly ready to follow westwards towards Copthorne.

The LT Museum crew prepared RM2 for the trip, I climbed aboard, and we were away..

Part Five: RM2 to Copthorne and back

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