RF146 on 434, Troy Town

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 17th 2011

Prepared by Ian Smith, 27th April 2011.

409: East Grinstead to Forest Row, RML2323

I climbed aboard RML2323 while its driver was still remonstrating with that on 395, who had blocked him in. I did not have time for a snap. We choggled away to the east to descend into the greenery down the Ashurst Wood by-pass. Forest Row was quickly reached, and we went through the village and down to the old station yard. There RT604 was just departing for East Grinstead..

424: Forest Row to East Grinstead, RT604

Again there was not time for a photo. I took a seat in the middle of the saloon as we set off, up into the village. We paused at the Brambletye Inn, the terminus until the railway closed. XF3 came past, and I failed for the fifth time this day to get a focussed shot of it. GS2 overtook us and promptly disappeared up the hill to East Grinstead. One of the passengers afterwards told me that it went up the hill at 45mph! We followed on more sedately, up the long drag past Ashurst Wood.

Forest Row from RT604. Ashurst Wood bypass.

The High Street was filling with buses as they came back from last runs. The blinds on RT604 were shifted back from the 424 set worn all day to a 409 set for the return run to West Croydon.

RT604 off 424. RT604 for 409.

There were a few minutes to spare before the journey home. I visited the bookstalls set up up along the High Street, and had a word with some of the CBR team that I had not seen during the day.

RF429,RM1397,DMS1868, red tulips. RF633 off 434.

409: East Grinstead to Godstone Green, RT3228

The time rolled round, and I joined RT3228 for the homeward trip.

GS2, East Grinstead. RT3228 on 409.

We set off shortly after RT604, and the two RTs trundled north up the Godstone Road in the afternoon sunshine. Both stopped at Godstone Green, for a final photo opprtunity as well as the toilets.

RT604 near Newchapel. RT604,RT3228 at Godstone Green.

410/403/402: Godstone Green to Bromley North, RT3228

Then the two buses went separate ways, RT604 north to Croydon, and RT3228 east along the 410 route along the sandstone ridge to Tandridge, Oxted, Limpsfield Common and down into Westerham. Westerham Hill is still an obstacle not to be taken lightly in a bus, and we left the 410 route in Westerham, instead following the 403 route eastwards throgh Brasted. We took the turn onto the northbound A21, which took us onto the M25 for the uphill run up the side of the Darent Valley to reach the top of the North Downs near Badgers Mount. Now it was a downhill run on the old 402 route to Pratts Bottom and Green Street Green. We bypassed Farnborough, climbing up to Locks Bottom and then dropping down to pass Bromley Garage and cross Bromley Common. We made a call at Bromley South Station, then climbed up the south end of the High Street before being forced off onto the Kentish Way for the final run to Bromley North Station. There the bus pulled round onto the special journeys stop to terminate, prior to its garage run to Northfleet.

RT3228 at Bromley North. RT3228 at Bromley North.

Many thanks to all the contributors to the day: the CBR organising team, particularly Alan Charman; the owners, drivers and conductors of the vehicles; the information stall operators; the bus companies, councils and police forces who gave permissions, and to all the participants who made it such an enjoyable day.

Buses: RT604, RT1702*, RT3228, RTW185*
RF28, RF146, RF168, RF315, RF429*, RF600, RF633
SC390, Southdown 424
RM1397*, RM1955*, RML2323
SNB331, SNB340
DMS1868*, T1030*, T1101*
Metrobus 109, 395

2011 EG system map.

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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