RF679 and RT3148 in East Grinstead

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 24th 2005

Prepared by Ian Smith, 5th May 2005

Part One: Country RF

464: Westerham to Chart, RF679

It took us about two hours to drive up through Kent to Westerham, but when Colin Rivers and I arrived there at about 9 o'clock it was still quiet and peaceful, with that strange early morning quality of light that you only seem to get in Kent and France. We had hoped for breakfast in the Kings Arms, but this year they had a full house and were unable to cope with two extra. So it was over the road to the cafe. Fortunately we got there before it filled up, and despite the usual slow service managed to get a decent breakfast within three-quarters of an hour.

RF679 outside the Kings Arms, Westerham RF679 outside the Kings Arms, Westerham

Then it was back to the bus, and to final checks before the day's service began. The blinds were set for the 464 to Chart (Church), and the Chelsham garage plates inserted in the holders with the running number. Ten o'clock - our booked departure time - approached, and suddenly it all started to happen. Red RT2043 suddenly came past, and RP21 sneaked round the corner from Westerham Hill to the stop on the green. The latter was our connection. We were still facing the wrong way, so Colin set off to turn the bus on the Croydon road, while I crossed over to intercept the changing passengers and reassure them that they were not being left stranded.

RT2043 passes RF679, Westerham RF679 sets off to turn, Westerham

Colin came back to the stop with the RF, and a further group of passengers left the RP to cross the junction to board us.

We pulled down towards RP21, which had arrived from New Cross and Bromley as a Greenline 705. Paul Brophy was busy transforming it to a 485 for its onward journey to Edenbridge and East Grinstead.

RF679 comes back into Westerham RP21 at the green, Westerham

Colin pulled round past the RP, gently descended the steep little hill to the Edenbridge turn-off, and turned right, to head for Hosey Common. We pulled up away from Westerham onto the long line of Greensand hills that we would follow west to Tandridge. Spring was rampant around us. You could almost hear the leaf-buds breaking as we passed. Bluebells nestled in the dappled sunlight under the fresh green undergrowth. And the RF sang as it climbed. It doesn't get much better than this!

But today we were not alone. The RP was close behind as we snaked up over Hosey Common and over Crockham Hill. Freshly repainted into NBC dual-purpose green and white livery, it looked very smart.

RP21 climbs over Hosey Common RP21 climbs over Hosey Common

The RP turned left at Crockham Hill as we turned right. We pulled up the ridge, and headed west under the avenue of beech trees. Too soon it seemed we turned right by Chart Church and pulled round to the stop outside the Carpenters Arms. There we had a quick break while Colin transformed the bus into an East-Grinstead based 494 for the onward journey to Oxted.

RP21 climbs over Hosey Common RF679 changing blinds at Chart

494: Chart to East Grinstead, RF679

RF679 at Chart: rear RF679 at Chart, ready for 494

From The Chart we continued over Limpsfield Common, then into the sudden suburbia of Oxted. "Would you like to get a picture of us going under the railway bridge?" asked Colin. "Yes please" I replied. But did Colin stop at the bus-stop immediately before the bridge? No: he stopped at the previous corner, so that I could work off my breakfast with a 100m dash to the other side of the bridge. Once there I grabbed a couple of photos without thinking too much about light conditions, so they are a bit grainy, I'm afraid. At least he waited for me to board again, round the corner, before continuing to Oxted Station (West Side).

RF679 comes under Oxted Rly Bridge RF679 at Oxted Station (West Side)

We were just on time at Oxted Station, with no timetabled opportunity to use the toilets there. Fortunately they were not needed, so we were quickly away. We took the scenic route up through Old Oxted, wondering how it used to cope with a bus every ten minutes on average. We climbed up to the Tandridge roundabout, and headed south, down from the Greensand onto the clay soils of the Weald. At Crowhurst North we squeezed under the very low railway bridge and turned east alongside the Redhill to Tonbridge railway line. We had time for a quick photographic stop in the countryside here, before continuing through Crowhurst.

RF679 at Crowhurst North RF679 at Crowhurst North

We passed the usual display of red and white flags in the Parish of St George (yesterday being St George's Day), and ran into Lingfield. We made the customary stop at the Post Office, with its old octagonal concrete bus stop post, then proceeded towards Felcourt. A brace of GSs came towards us on the 494, with GS60 leading GS1. A little further on we met red RF366, sporting a front with an enhanced air-flow feature, on the 428 to Dormansland, and then red RF406 heading for the same destination, looking quite at home in the Baldwins Hill suburbia.

RF679 at Lingfield P.O. GS60 on 494, Felcourt

GS1 on 494, Felcourt RF366 on 428 RF406 on 428, Baldwins Hill

We had no problems getting in to East Grinstead, and soon we were easing our way through the traffic management scheme onto the High Street. We met Daimler Fleetline XF3 at the lights. It was heading north on a 424 working. We turned left into King Street, unloaded, and headed round to find a parking space in a back street.

XF3 on 424 in East Grinstead RT3148 passes RF679

Part 2: East Grinstead

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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