RLH48 leaving East Grinstead

East Grinstead Running Day

Sunday April 25th 2004

Prepared by Ian Smith, 14th May 2004

Part 2: RLH48 and RT3148

I barely had time for a cup of tea. It was almost time for the procession on the 424. RLH48 and RT3148 were already in position in King Street. I took a picture of "Tree Pruning Equipment" 971J, then turned to take a picture of RLH48, RF679 and RT3148 in King Street.... and up rolled this little 1950s saloon car. 1950s magic moment!

RLH48 in King Street 971J in King Street

The queue for RLH48 was prodigious, so I decided I would try out RT3148, the Country Bus Rallies' latest acquisition. Alan Charman was driving, and was going to lead the way for RLH48 to Copthorne. GS2 came up behind for the 1255 428 trip.

RT3148 in King Street RLH48 in King Street GS2 in King Street

Then it was time for us to leave too. RT3148 pulled round past the RLH, which followed us through the narrow back-streets to emerge just up the street from the War Memorial.

RLH48 in King Street RLH48 in the back streets of EG

RF679 was parked at the War Memorial stop as we passed. We gingerly descended the High Street with its speed bumps, and tuned down to the station. I thought we might pause, but no, this was Alan Charman at the wheel. We were away up the bank, leaving RLH 48 way back in the distance. So when we turned the corner at the top, and crossed the railway bridge, I dinged the bell and Alan pulled into the bus-stop. That gave the RLH a chance to catch us up again, and a double ding as the RLH pulled over the bridge sent us away again as it came up behind.

RF679 at the War Memorial RLH48 comes over the railway bridge

The two buses headed north-west to Felbridge, then forked left towards Copthorne. At the Dukes Head roundabout we turned right, drawing to a halt after another quarter-mile.

RLH48 catches up Inside RT3148 RLH48 slows for the Copthorne stop

RLH48 approaches Copthorne roundabout RLH48 rounds Copthorne roundabout Nice RT,... but who's that hooligan on the platform? (Photo by Peter Hewitt)

Blinds were reset for the return short-journey to East Grinstead, and the two buses turned right at the junction to head back towards Felbridge. A bus-stop with a lay-by provided an excellent spot for a photo-shoot.

RT3148 at the layby RLH48 at the layby

Then it was back into East Grinstead, with my seat on a cushion, to find some lunch.

Part 3: East Grinstead

All but one photos by Ian Smith. Thanks to Peter Hewitt for the picture of me. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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