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This page created 15th January 2008.

Photographic References:

A key to the references can be found in the bibliography.

601    F201 OPD  LBR88 p120   */88 LH on 408 Express to Croydon, apple green/white
                 LBH2_89p28   2/89 LH on 408 Express to Effingham, apple green/white
                 LBH2_90p46   6/90 GF on 715 to Ripley, Green Line comb livery
                 LBM77 p07    3/91 GF on 715 to Guildford, Green Line comb livery
                 LBH2_93p41        GF on 415 to Guildford, Countryliner livery
                 LB85-95p00        LH on 431 to Cobham Bus Museum, London & Country green/green/red

604    F604 RPG  LBH2_89p28   4/89 LH on 131 to W.Molesey, London & Country green/green/red
                 LBM101 p46           on 293 to Epsom, Morden, London & Country green/green/red

605    F605 RPG  Bus414p398   */89    on 131 to Wimbledon Stn, London & Country green/green/red
                 LBM69 p14    4/89    on 131 to Kingston, London & Country green/green/red

607    F607 RPG  Bus412 p00   */89    on 131 to Kingston, London & Country green/green/red

DD15   N715 TPK  LBM101 p51           on 34 to Camberley, Woking

DD16   N716 TPK  LBM97 p03    4/96    at Cobham open day, showing 34 to Camberley
                 LCBH98 p26   */96    on 34 to Guildford

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