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Photo References

For a key to the references, see the bibliography.

181  J181 HME  LBM101 p15            on D6 to Hackney Central Station, Hackney, yellow

185  DEM 83X   LBM101 p21            on ELX to Aldgate, Aldgate, orange/white

188  CHF 348X  LBM101 p21            on ELX, Aldgate, orange/white
               LBM160 p52            on ELX, Aldgate, orange/white

190  B440 CKW  LBM101 p13            on 248 to Cranham, yellow

192  F292 PTP  LBM101 p13         NP on 257 to Stratford, yellow

194  F294 PTP  LBM120 p64    7/01    with First Mainline, Doncaster, #2494 

197  F297 FTP  LBR92 p86             on 257 to Stratford

198  F298 FTP  LB85-95p32            on 257 to Stratford

251  H251 KVX  LBT&N p74     4/94    on 248 to Cranham

256  H256 KVX  LBM111 p06    */90    on 62A to Gascoigne Wood, Ensignbus blue/silver

261  H261 KVX  LBT&N p76             on 248 to Romford Market

264  H264 KVX  LBM134 p18   10/97    on 13 to Aldwych, Golders Green, yellow

266  H266 KVX  LB8595 p76            on 97 to Leyton, Walthamstow, yellow

267  H267 KVX  LBM101 p09            on Central Line Replacement, Stratford, yellow

268  H268 KVX  LBM101 p24            on 91 to Crouch End Broadway, red/yellow

272  H272 KVX  LBM103 p03   10/97    on 13 to Aldwych, St.John's Wood, yellow

274  H274 KVX  LBM101 p12            on 248 to Romford Market, blue/silver

340  F140 MBC  LBMX00 p18            on 357 to Whipps Cross, Walthamstow Central, yellow

341  F141 MBC  LBM97 p08     */96    on 248: Romford Market & Cranham, yellow
               LBM101 p13         DM on 365 to Mardyke Estate, Romford, yellow

342  F142 MBC  LBH98 p17     5/96    on 248: Romford Market & Cranham, yellow

345  F145 MBC  LBM133 p52            on 248 to Cranham

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