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White Rose Dart SLFs

Caetano Compass DC1-4

White Rose was a small company based at Thorpe in Surrey that was growing carefully, using mainly London-type secondhand buses for a number of contracts and railway work. The company took on a small number of local bus routes, including the 481 (Kingston - Staines), and acquired a Caetano Compass, DC1, at the end of 1999.

DC1 was a single doorway Compass, painted in a very London red with white roof and white bumpers (rather like the early London Leyland National livery).

DC2 followed in September 2000.

DC1 was disposed of in September 2001, when DC3 and DC4 were acquired.

DC1 on 481

DC1 on 481 approaching Kingston Bridge, June 2001

Mini Dart MD1

A 8.8m MPD was acquired in April 2001 to operate a contract for Sainsbury's in Staines, but was observed to spend much of its time on other services.

Marshall Capitals DML718-720

The rapid state of flux in bus operations in Surrey in 2001, with large operators giving up County-supported operations, and smaller operators trying to fill the gaps, offered opportunities and dangers. White Rose expanded its local bus operations in 2001, acquiring three secondhand long Dart Marshalls from Red Arrow in Birmingham in October.


But rapid expansion is always a gamble. In this case it did not pay off. The sums did not add up when it came down to it. By February 2002 the modern fleet was repossessed, and despite efforts by well-wishing independents around London the business was closed in February. The Dart SLFs all found new homes for continued operation elsewhere.

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