Prepared on Notepad by Ian Smith,
This page created 28th January 2014

Reptons: Dennis Dart SLF

KU52RXX sketch Reptons of Bookham in Surrey, mainly a coach operator, was a one-route bus operator in 2013, using an Enviro200 Dart on the 478. This was seriously damaged in a traffic accident in July 2013, and Reptons hurriedly hired a replacement in the shape of MPD KU52RXX, which had previously bee Countryliner's DP7. Despite the urgency of the situation it was turned out properly in Repton's blue and white livery.

These histories are incomplete. They are being assembled as I garner information from a variety of sources. Particularly useful have been:

  • LOTS for mostly accurate data in TLBs and Fleetbooks
  • Google: treated with care and searched with vehicle registrations - beware false dates
  • for VIN data

DP7    KU52 RXX 11/02    8.8m Transbus Dart SLF SFD6B2CR32GW16408, Pointer MPD 0194/5, B29F    
                11/02 SF new to Countryliner, Guildford: cream/green 
                 2/04 SF in service on Guildford 11
                 3/04 SF Countryliner, Guildford
                 4/04 SF in service on Guildford 10
                 6/06 SF in service on Guildford 11
                 7/08 SF in service on Guildford 10
                 1/09 SF in service on 81 (Barnsbury & Woking)
                 4/11 SF in service on 462
                 8/11 SF in service on 48
                         returned to lessor
                 8/13    leased by Reptons, Bookham for 478: blue/white
        SL52 REP 1/14    reregistered
                 3/15    in service as spare

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references

When I find any photos I shall post references here. In the meanwhile, have a look on the internet, searching on the registration. Ian's Bus Stop Dart SLF index. Repton SLF. histories. photo refs.