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Mullany's of Watford

Mullany's of Watford was primarily a coaching firm, but in 2009 edged into the London tendering scene with a small fleet of Optare Solos. They also had a number of schools contracts for which they needed small buses. So in August 2009 they bought a couple of Darts for their coaching fleet from the defunct Stansted Transit, via Ensign Bus of Purfleet: 11.3m R739 TMO (1997), and 10.7m T223 SAS (1999). These were both retained in white livery, with mullany's coaches (in lower case) in blue on the sides. These spent much of their time on schools work, but could be called on as spares to cover the Solos. The shorter bus later received Mullany's buses fleetnames.

In August 2009, reviewing needs for the year coming, Mullany's bought five more Darts. One, 11.3m, was ex-Lothian Bus (via Constables), and four (10.7m) had come from Irish provincial operator Bus Eireann. All five were put into service in white "mullany's coaches" livery.

But when repaints became due some were repainted: the long 11.3m bus stayed white, as did one of the 10.7m vehicles, but three of the 10.7m buses were repainted in red, with blue skirts and a white band. These gained "mullany's buses" fleetnames. They fitted in with the livery of the Solo and EnviroDart fleets, making easier their use as spares on the heavy-duty 318 route (Watford - Hemel Hempstead).

Two more Dart SLFs were hired from Dawson Rentals in February 2013, as short-term hires for use on the 318 until new buses arrived.

The 1997 bus was the first to go, being cannibalised for spares in 2014, and the others were withdrawn at the end of 2015 when the DDA regulations came into force.

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