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MTL London Northern, Metroline DML, DMS

Metroline DML

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DMS 6   R706 MEW  TLB524p41   */08    Carousel: purple route 35

DMS 13  S513 KFL  LBM106p05   */98 PB used on 384 to Cockfosters Stn, Barnet, Metroline red/blue

DMS 19  S519 KFL  TLB549 p0   4/10 KP used on 401 to Sevenoaks, Go-Coach, yellow/mauve
DMS 26  S526 KFL  LBM110p40  10/98 PB used on 326 to Barnet, Brent Cross, Metroline red/blue

DMS 27  S527 KFL  LBM106p05   */98 PB used on 234 to East Finchley Stn, Barnet, Metroline red/blue

        R874 MCE  TLB557 p41 1*/10    Imperial: on 339 to Warley, green, cream lining
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