Prepared on Notepad by Ian Smith, This page created 14th November 2007.


Photo References

A key to the book references can be found in the bibliography.

DL 12   P209 OLX LBM139 p62  7/97    on 204 to Sudbury Town Station, Edgware Stn

DLD 23  R123 RLY LBM138 p08  8/06    on 288 to Broadfields

DLD 24  R124 RLY LBH98 p113  */98    on 189 to Kilburn Park Station, Brent Cross

DLD 31  R131 RLY LBM104 p39 10/97 W  on 113 to Hendon Central Station, Oxford Circus

DLD 43  R143 RLY TLB527 p00       NW on 245 to Golders Green Station

DLD 45  R145 RLY TLB459 p0  10/02 W  unusual on 16 to Cricklewood, Marble Arch
                 LBM123 p10 10/02 W  unusual on 16 to Cricklewood, Marble Arch

DLD 63  R163 VLA LBM105 p29  */98    on 143 to Archway Stn

DLD 66  R166 VLA TLB468 p0   7/03 PB on W8: Lee Valley & Chase Farm Hosp.
                 LBM132 p13  5/05 PB on 107B: Edgware Stn & Brockley Hill

DLS 1   P101 HLX LBM122 p08  5/98    on 206 to St.Raphael's

DLS 7   P107 HLX LBR04 p42   5/04 HT on 214 to Liverpool Street Stn

DLD 130 V130 GBY LBM112 p37          on 107 to New Barnet Station, Edgware Station

DLD 137 W137 ULR LBR03 p35   7/02 EW on 305 to Kingsbury, Kingsbury

DLM 150 X667 LLX LBM116 p11  4/01 PB on 242 to Waltham Cross, branded for PB1
                 LBM125 p45  9/03 PB on PB1 to Rushfield, PB Stn

DLM 151 X668 LLX LBM137 p06  6/06 AH on E8 to Brentford, Ealing Broadway

DLM 153 Y253 NLK LBR01 p30   */01 PB on W5 to Archway Station, Highgate Hill

DLD 174 Y674 NLO TLB443 p41  6/01 HT on 274 to Marble Arch, Angel

DLD 193 Y263 NLK LBR01 p30   */01    on 95 to Shepherds Bush Green, Hanger Lane
                 LBM127 p05 11/03    on 95 to Shepherds Bush Green, Western Avenue

DLD 200 LN51 KXH LBR03 p34   7/02 EW on 288 to Broadfields Estate, Edgware

DSD 213 LR02 BEO LBM150 p39  2/09    on W9 to Chase Farm Hospital, Southgate

DSD 215 LR02 BEY TLB607 p37  */14 PB on PB1: Oakmere & Rushfield

DSD 217 LR02 BFE LBM122 p08  6/02    on 206 to St Raphael's Estate, N.Circular


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