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London United's Dart SLFs (DP, DPS, DPK)

Photographic references

A key to the references is in the bibliography.
DP 7     S307 MKH  LBM106 p04  */98 FW on R70 to Hanworth, Richmond Station

DP 11    T411 KAG  TLB438 p0   1/01 AV on 406: Epsom & Kingston

DP 14    T414 KAG  BSiC00 p17  7/99 AV on T123 to Feltham Stn, blue/orange/red

DP 19    T419 KAG  LBH00 p65   */99 AV on T4 to Feltham Stn, blue/orange/red

DP 22    T422 KAG  LBR00 p27  11/00 HH on H91 to Hammersmith, blue/orange/red

DP 29    T429 KAG  BSiC00 p13  3/99 WR on 555 to Heathrow Airport, Sunbury, blue 555 livery

DP 30    T430 KAG  LBH00 p65   */99 WR on 555 to Walton on Thames, blue 555 livery

DP 45    T345 PRH  BSiC00 p53  7/99 AV on H37 to Hounslow, Richmond, red/grey/grey
                   LBH00 p64   */99 AV on H37 to Hounslow, red/grey/grey, Low Access

DP 58    T358 PRH  LBM113 p35  */99    on Sunday 81 to Slough, Hounslow, red/grey/grey 

DP 99    V799 FKH  LBR04 p40   */04 S  on 49 to Clapham Junction, Chelsea

DPS 4    V904 KAG  TLB503 p49  6/06 AH on 493 to Manor Circus, Wimbledon

DPS 5    V805 KAG  LBM129 p11  6/04 S  on 72 to East Acton, all-red

DP 502   X602 OKH  LBR01 p28   */01 AV on 9 to Hammersmith, Hyde Park Corner

DP 505   X606 OKH  LBM114 p07  9/00    on 222 to Uxbridge Station, Heathrow 

DPS518   X518 UAT  TLB436 p42 11/00 FW on 33 to Richmond, Hammersmith

SDL01    Y539 XAG  TLB580 p0  11/12    on 560 Replacement Service for Epsom Buses (ex DPS539)

DPS579   SN51 TAU  LBM123 p11 10/02 FW on 281 to Tolworth Broadway, Kingston

DPS592   SN51 TCK  Bus709 p92          on K3 to Esher

DPK614   SN51 SKH  LBM119 p05 11/01 TV on K1 to New Malden, Kingston 

DPK616   LG02 FEX  LBM145 p61  6/08 TV on 965 to Kingston Sainsburys

DPK625   SN06 JPX  LBR06 p41   8/06 TV on K5 to Morden

DPS639   SK02 XHP  TLB495 p37  */05 V  on 419 to Richmond

DPS643   LG02 FFM  LBR02 p32   */02 TV on 418 to Epsom, Kingston

42601    LG02 FTR  TLB594 p0   1/14 LI with Tower Transit on 308

DPS648   LG02 FFS  TLB592 p41 11/13 TV on Hammersmith Bridge shuttle

DPS688   SN03 LFD  LBR05 p41   3/05 SO on H17 to Harrow, Sudbury Town

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