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London United's Dart/Wright SLFs CD1-8

Photographic references

A key to the references is in the bibliography.
CD 1     VDZ 8001  LBM112 p37       AV on H25 to Hanworth, Hatton Cross

CD 5     VDZ 8005  LBM117 p09  7/01 HH on 285 to Heathrow Airport, Hatton Cross

CD 7     VDZ 8007  LBH98 p93   */97 AV on H25 to Hatton Cross Station

CD 8     VDZ 8008  LBM101 p44  */97 AV on H25 to Hanworth, Hatton Cross Station
                   LBM112 p37  5/02    on 440 to Stamford Brook
                   TLB455 p0   6/02 V  on 440 to Park Royal, Chiswick High Rd.

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