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London United's Dart/Wright SLFs CD1-8

Wright Crusaders: CD1-8

London United was a huge user of step-entrance Darts, in both Plaxton and Wright styles. They were also using Wright-bodied Lances (the LLWs). When it came to first choice of SLF Darts, they chose the single doorway 10.2m Wright Crusader for the H25 (Hanworth - Feltham - Bedfont - Hatton Cross Station). They actually went into service in October 1996 on the H37 before taking over on the H25 in November.

Livery was London United stylish deep red with two shades of grey on roof and skirt, with white trim lines.

The H25 moved to Hounslow Heath, and the CDs went too. Then in November 2001 the H25 was lost to T-GM, and the CDs dispersed, CD1, CD3 going to Stamford Brook for the H91, CD2, CD4, CD5, CD7 going to new garage Tolworth for the 371 and CD6, CD8 remaining at Hounslow Heath for the 216. The others quickly moved to Stamford Brook. There they were in place to take on the new 440 route (Stamford Brook Garage - Acton - Park Royal Asda) in May 2002.

They kept the 440 until the spring of 2006, when DP2-9 took it over. The CDs were transferred by Transdev to Yellow Buses in Bournemouth.

CD CD8 at Showbus 97

CD8 at Showbus97 at Duxford, September 1997.

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