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First London DMS, DM, DML

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references

         S979 JLM  LBM107 p06  */98 Y  on R11 to Green Street Green, demonstrator, willow-leaf

DM  123  P123 NLW  LBH98 p24   7/97 G  on E3 to Chiswick, Weat Ealing, Ealing Buses

DM  124  P124 NLW  LBM104 p32  */97 G  on E9 to Ealing Broadway, Ealing Buses

DM  141  P141 NLW  LBM163 p25  6/97 G  on E1 to Ealing Broadway

DM  163  R163 TLM  LBM105 p35  */98 UX on 195 to Charville Lane Estate, Hayes

DML41168 R168 TLM  TLB484 p37 11/04 SH on 43 to Staines (First Berkshire), Barbie livery + branding

DML 180  R180 TLM  LBM105 p35  */98 UX on 34 to Hayes, Hillingdon Hospital

DM  204  R204 TLM  LBM110 p31  */98 X  on 31 to Chelsea, Earls Court Rd, Gold Arrow livery

DM  214  R214 TLM  LBM106 p07  */98 X  on 31 to Chelsea, Kilburn Park, Gold Arrow livery

DML 236  S236 KLM  LBM107 p07 12/98 ON on 92 to Ealing Hospital, Wembley Arena

DML 249  R677 MEW  LBM105 p27  */98 X  on a to Paddington Station, Hotel express silver livery

DMS 259  T259 JLD  LBM112 p36       G  on E10 to Ealing, Ealing Buses

DM41282  T282 JLD  LBM132 p10  3/05 H  on 309 to Canning Town

DM 298   T298 JLD  LBM113 p28  8/99 X  on 328 to Chelsea, Kilburn Park

DML41329 V329 GBY  LBM145 p05  8/08    on 488 to Bromley By Bow

DML41336 T336 ALR  TLB617 p49 12/15 SH on 5 to Farnham Road, Slough

DMS42352 V352 DLH  LBM145 p04  7/08    on East London line replacement, orange wings

DML 372  W372 VLN  LBM112 p0   */00 NP on 212 to Walthamstow Central Stn, Tramlink red/white livery

DML 374  W374 VLN  TLB428 p00  3/00 NP on 212 to Walthamstow Central Stn, Tramlink red/white livery

DML 375  W359 VLN  TLB430 p41  5/00 Y  on T31 to Addington Village, Tramlink red/white livery

DML 380  W361 VLN  LBR00 p19   */00 Y  on T31 to Addington Village

DML 387  X387 HLR  LBM125 p06  3/03    on 282 to Ealing Hospital, Yeading

DML 398  X398 HLR  LBM115 p08 12/00    on 295 to Clapham Junction, Shepherds Bush

DML 407  676 DYE   LBR01 p50  10/01    on 331 to Ruislip Station

DMS 432  T342 ALR  LBM122 p07  5/02    on E11 to Ealing, Greenford

DM  436  LN51 DVX  LBM120 p10  3/02 ON on PR2 to Neasden, Park Royal

129      LN51 SBO  TLB521 p42 12/07 MB on R1 to Green Street Green, Metrobus

DMS 457  LN51 SBV  LBM121 p05  5/02 Y  on R1 to Green Street Green, Orpington

DMS 466  LT02 ZDW  LBM121 p05  5/02 Y  on R11 to Green Street Green, Orpington

DMN 1    LT02 NUK  LBM164 p05  3/12 NP on W10 to Enfield Town, Enfield
DMN 16   LT02 NVJ  TLB587 p0   6/13 RM on 646 to Cranham, red

DMS41490 LT02 ZFB  LBM149 p62  6/09    on E7 to Ruislip, Ealing Broadway, red, white/yellow willow

636      R636 VLX  LBM104 p32  8/97 SH on 490 to Hatton Cross Station, Richmond Station

639      R639 VLX  LBH98 p62   9/97 SH on 490 to Richmond, Twickenham, London Buslines

649      R649 TLM  LBM125 p06  4/03 G  on 282 to Ealing Hospital, Mount Vernon, London Buslines livery

651      R651 TLM  LBM112 p36          on 105 to Greenford Station, London Buslines

652      R652 TLM  LBM118 p12  6/01 UX on U1 to Hayes Station, West Ruislip, London Buslines livery

DM 697   X697 HLF  LBM115 p10 10/00    on W11 to Chingford Hall Estate

DM 700   X502 JLO  LBM114 p08  */00 H  on 236 to Hackney Wick, Finsbury Park

DML 726  W726 ULL  LBM114 p08  */00    on 212 to Walthamstow, Walthamstow

DML 744  X744 HLF  LBR00 p18   */00 H  on 236 to Finsbury Park, F.Pk, red, willow

DML 753  X753 HLR  LBR01 p19   2/01    on 257 to Stratford, Leytonstone Station

DML 763  X763 HLR  LBM117 p09  6/01 NP on W6 to Southgate, Edmonton Green

DM 781   X781 HLR  TLB440 p0   3/01 NP on W6 to Southgate

DHL 492  LK03 LMJ  LBM124 p13  */03 RM on 364 to Ilford

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