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Centrebus' London fringe

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references

505    HJZ 9929  TLB562 p33   5/11    on C3 to Epping, Hoddesdon

519    T419 LGP  TLB557 p41  12/10    on 34 to St Albans, City Stn, snow: orange/blue/white

563    V563 JBH  TLB474 p38   1/04    on S2 to Mile House Estate, City & District livery

572    W572 XRO  LBR06 p25    8/06    on 320 to Watford, Papa Johns ad

       FM52 GEY  TLB524 p41   */08    on S7 to Marshalswick: orange/blue/white

611    T411 LGH  LBR04 p02    9/04    on 3 tom St.Albans, City Stn, Centrebus orange, blue skirt, white roof

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