Arriva Southern Counties Dart SLFs

Prepared on Notepad by Ian Smith,

This page created 23rd May 2010.

A key to the references is in the bibliography.

Photographic references

1622   GN05 AOB  LBR05 p26   */05 NF on 498 to Kings Farm, Gravesend, turquoise/cream, branded

1628   SN06 BPV  LBM137 p07  4/06 DT on 162 to Beckenham Junction, Bromley, red

3088   P288 FPK  LBM137 p10  6/06 GF on 17 to Wood Street, Guildford, A&D green/green/cream
                 LBR06 p20   */06 GF on 36: Merrow Hill &n Bushy Hill, A&D green/green/cream
                 TLB574 p41  5/12 GF in A&D commemorative livery, on route 3

3179   P179 LKL  LBM145 p10  7/08 HM on 93 to Horsham, Dorking, red, white horn

3180   P180 LKL  LBM112 p49  */99 NF on 309, Gravesend & Bluewater, M&D livery

3197   P197 LKJ  LBR06 p18   9/06 DT on 160 to Sidcup Station, blue/cream

3218   P218 MKL  LBM112 p48  */99 DT on 100, Bluewater, blue/cream

3248   P278 FPK  TLB484 p0   */04 HM on 98 Park & Ride, blue/blue

3264   R264 EKO  LBM145 p10 10/07 GY on 370 to Lakeside, red

3269   R269 EKO  LBM145 p10  */08 TW on 402 to Tunbridge Wells, red, branded for 402

3270   R270 EKO  LBM105 p30  */08 DT on 286 to Sidcup, Greenwich, blue/cream

3273   T273 JKM  LBM112 p52  */99 DT on 100 to Bluewater, blue 

3275   T275 JKM  LBM112 p47  */99 DT on 100 to Bluewater, blue 

3278   T278 JKM  LBM112 p49  */99 NF on 428 to Erith, Bluewater, blue/cream

3279   T279 JKM  LBM127 p49 12/03 DT on 428 to Erith, Dartford, red, cream horn

3318   T218 NMJ  TLB596 p0   3/14 NF on 478 to West Kingsdown, Farningham, gold, Lizzy Yarnold livery
                 Buses709p13 3/14 NF on 478 to West Kingsdown, Farningham, gold, Lizzy Yarnold livery

3388   P258 FPK  LBM113 p18       GY on 370 to Romford, blue/cream, 370/373 branded

3298   Y298 TKJ  LBR01 p10   3/01 DT on 126 to Bromley South Stn, Bromley, blue/cream
                 TLB440p49   3/01 DT on 126 to Bromley South Stn, Bromley, blue/cream

3400   R310 NGN  LBM136 p07 12/05 GY on 498 to Romford Station, blue/cream

3425   P325 HVX  LBM112 p49 11/02 GY on 372 to Hornchurch, Hornchurch, blue/cream

DSL39  N239 VPH  LBM131 p54  6/98 WK on 431 to Woking, Guildford, G&WS grn/grn/red
                 LBM131 p55       GL on 185, Chatham, AMT blue/cream

DSL54  P254 APM  LCBH98 p35  9/97 HM on H1 to Roffey, Horsham Buses grn/grn/red

DSL71  P271 FPK  LBM131 p56       GL on 140 to Chatham Marine, AMT blue/cream

DSL74  P274 FPK  LBM104 p27  */97 GF on 436 to Guildford, Heathrow, G&WS green/green/red

DSL77  P277 FPK  LBR01 p02   3/01 CY on 3 to Maidenbower, Crawley, Arriva turquoise/cream

DSL84  P284 FPK  LCBH98 p31  7/97 GF on 451 to Staines, Kingston, G&WS grn/grn/red

395    P285 FPK  Bus720 p29  3/10 CY Metrobus: in service on 93 to Dorking Station

DSL91  P291 FPK  LBM113 p20  6/99    on 465 to Dorking & Goodwyns, Kingston, T-GM
DSL105 R305 CMV  LBM132 p09 11/04 GF on 36: Merrow Park & Bushy Hill, P&R yellow/green

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