Prepared on Notepad by Ian Smith, This page created 22nd November 2000.

Photo References

A key to the book references can be found in the bibliography.

        H846 UUA  LBM80 p04   12/91 TL Optare demonstrator on P4

R&I / MTL London / Metroline London Northern, MV 249-253

MV 249  M507 ALP  LBH98 p124   9/97    on 112 to Brent Cross, Ealing Common, red, MTL flash

MV 251  N701 FLN  Buses564p48 12/01    with Chambers, Bures, on Colchester - Sudbury

Westlink /London United VA/MV 1-8

VA 1    N281 DWY  Buses487p24  8/95 K  on 371 to Richmond, Kingston, Westlink red, green/turquoise stripe

MV 4    N284 DWY  LBH98 p97    7/97 K  on 371 to Kingston, Ham,  Westlink red/grey/white, 371 branded

Tillingbourne valley

        P912 XUG  LBM116p07    1997    on 22: Dorking - Newdigate

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