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The Reeve Burgess / Plaxton Darts

Part One: 8.5m, DR

DR Photo References

A key to the book references can be found in the bibliography.

DR 3   H103 THE  LBM107 p19  7/91  AV on H22 to Hounslow West Stn, Hounslow   L.Buses, red/grey/white band, Harrier

DR 14  H114 THE  LBH98 p101  1997     on H22 to Richmond, Hounslow West Stn   Westlink, red/grey/white band, logo

DR 16  H116 THE  BSCLBp34    6/91  AV on H98 to Hounslow Bus Stn, Hayes       L. United, red/grey, white stripe, Harrier

DR 25  H125 THE  LBM101 p31  1991     on 249 to Tooting Bec Stn, Streatham    S.London, red/grey, white roof stripe, no brand

DR 29  H129 THE  LBH95 p60   4/95  N  on 322 to Crystal Palace                S.London, red/grey, white roof stripe, Connexions

DR 46  H546 XGK  LBM80 p45  c1991     on 170 , Clapham Junction, rear view    Streetline

DR 65  J365 GKH  LBH98 p98   6/97  AV on H32 to Hounslow Bus Stn, Southall    L. United, red/grey/silver-grey/white, The Heathrow Connection" branding

DR 80  J380 GKH  LBM122 p07        AV on 272 to Shepherds Bush Green          L. United, red, white stripe

DR 92  J392 GKH  LTBG p128         HD at garage                               Metroline red/blue

DR 95  J395 GKH  Bus708 p96        EW on 288: Edgware Station & Broadfields   London Buses Skipper

DR100  ALM 2B    LBM100 p54  3/95  AV on 111 to Kingston, Hounslow            L. United, red, white stripe, Harrier

DR100  J610 DUV  LBM100p63   5/92  S  on 72 to Roehampton, Hammersmith Bdy    LB: L.United, red/grey, white stripe, Harrier

DR102  J102 DUV  LBT&N p105  1994     on 9A to Mortlake, Hammersmith	      LB: L. United, red, white stripe. Harrier		

DR116  J116 DUV  LT6395p110           on 33 to Fulwell Garage, Hammersmith Br L.United, red/grey, stripe, "Harrier"		

DR119  J119 DUV  LBM122 p09           on 461 to Woking, Hampton Court         L.United, red/grey, stripe, "Harrier"		

       J137 DUV  Buses621p9  2006     with Long's Coaches, Abercraf

DR139  J139 DUV  LBM122 p37           with KMP, Llanberis		

DR145  K245 PAG  LBH95 p53   4/95  NW on PR2 to Park Royal               Metroline: Harlesden Challenger

DR148  K248 PAG  LBM88 p12   */94  NW on PR2 to Central Middlesex Hosp   Metroline: Harlesden Challenger

701 J701 EMX LBH98 p105 1997 OP on 146 to Downe, Bromley South Metrobus, blue/yellow 702 J702 EMX Metrobp54 8/91 OP on 146 to Downe, Bromley North Metrobus, blue/yellow Metrobp58 8/91 OP on 493: Orpington & Ramsden Estate Metrobus, blue/yellow 704 J704 EMX Metrobp55 8/91 OP on 357 to Croydon, Keston Metrobus, blue/yellow Metrobp57 8/91 OP on 351 to Bromley, Beckenham Metrobus, blue/yellow 706 J706 EMX Metrobp54 8/91 OP on 351 to Penge, Bromley North Metrobus, blue/yellow

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