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The Reeve Burgess / Plaxton Darts

Part Two: 9.0m, DRL, DP

Photo References

A key to the book references can be found in the bibliography.

DRL 8   J608 XHL LBM80 p03  12/91 PM  on Boxing Day 272B to Woolwich, Bexleyheath, red, grey skirt, L.Central
                 TLB477 p37  2003 SJ  on 401 to Westerham, Chipstead          Southlands, yellow, blue skirt

DRL 20  K820 NKH Buses451p11 1992     on 46 to Kensal Rise Stn                Midilink, red/grey		

DRL 24  K824 NKH LBH95 p46   4/95 HT  on 274 to Marble Arch, London Northern: red/grey		

DRL 33  K433 OKH AIHLBp122   1994 CF  on 46 to Kensal Rise Stn   L.Northern:  red/grey/narrow stripe:Midilink		

DRL 42  K542 ORH LBH98 p136  7/97 TH  on 412 to Purley,        South London:  red, white stripe

DRL 47  K547 ORH LBH95 p21   3/95 WN  on 221 to Turnpike Lane Stn, Leaside Buses:  red, white stripe

DRL 51  K551 ORH LBM106 p11  1998     on 255 to Pollards Hill, South London:  red, yellow Cowie stripes

DRL 93  K593 MGT LBH95 p34   4/95 SW  on 211 to Hammersmith Broadway          red, Streetline

DRL 95  K595 MGT BYB95 p22        SW  on 211 to Waterloo Stn                  red, Streetline
        WLT 395  LBM101 p37       SW  on 211 to Hammersmith Broadway, L.Gen:  Streetline

DRL100  ALM 2B   LBM100 p54  3/95 AV  on 111 to Kingston, London United:      Harrier

DRL107  K107 SAG LBH95 p76   4/95 AV  on H98, rear glimpse   

DRL124  K124 SRH LBT&N p71   1994     on 62 to Barking, Chadwell Hth,L.B/E.L  red, grey, East London hoppa		

DRL129  K129 SRH LBH95 p63  10/94     at Plaistow, East London hoppa		

DRL130  K130 SRH LBH95 p67   3/95 SD  on 308 to Hackney Wick, East London hoppa		

DRL136  L136 VRH LBH98 p148  1997 U   on 147 to Keir Hardie Est, St.E.London  red, white bands, East London hoppa

DRL144  L144 VRH LBM88 p07   1994 U   on 147 to Keir Hardie Est, St.E.London  red, white bands, East London hoppa

DRL149  L149 WAG LBM159 p33  1/01 TC  on 410 to Wallington, East Croydon Stn, red/cream scoop

DRL150  L150 WAG Buses464p11 8/93     on 575 to Sunbury, Shepperton, L.United red/grey

DRL152  L152 WAG LBT&N p90   1994     on 249 to Tooting Bec Stn LB:ConneXions red/grey		

DRL155  L155 WAG LBM106 p11  1998 N   on 410 to Wallington, Arriva S. London  red, deep scoop

DRL158  L158 WAG LBM132 p07  2/05 EC  on W16 to Leytonstone Station, Arriva red, deep scoop

DRL159  L159 XRH BFaut94 p15 1994 AV  on 555 to Walton-on-Thames LB:L.United  red/grey, Harrier

DRL163  L163 XRH LBH95 p40   4/95 AV  on H98 to Hayes End, Hounslow: L.United Harrier

DRL165  L165 YAT Buses517p29      AV  on 555 to Heathrow, Ashford   L.United  the Heathrow Connection		

DRL167  L167 YAT Buses517p30      AV  on 555                        L.United  the Heathrow Connection, rear view	

DRL170  L170 CKH Buses496p3       AV  on 555 to Walton-on-Thames    L.United  red/grey		

DRL171  L171 CKH Buses498p24 1996 AV  on 556 to Walton-on-Thames    L.United  the Heathrow Connection, n/s/f		

DRL205  N705 GUM LBM121 p40       FL  on 367 to West Croydon,       Blue Triangle,  red/cow horns

DRL207  N707 GUM LBM121 p30       CR  on 455 to Valley Park         Arriva SWS turquoise/cream

DRL209  N709 GUM TLB435 p00 10/00 FL  on 367 to West Croydon,       Blue Triangle,  red, cream bumper, front stripe

DRL210  N710 GUM LBH98 p132  1997 TH  on 455 to Old Lodge Lane      South London  red, Cowie stripes

DRL216  N916 PWW LBM102 p26  9/96 TH  on 455 to West Croydon Bus Station, S.L red, yellow Cowie stripes

DP 1    N801 FLW Buses491p28 1996     on R4 to Locks Bottom         Orpington Buses  red/grey	

DP 20   N820 FLW LBM107 p65  1999     on 50A (Windsor-Slough)       First Beeline  yellow/blue/orange

   160  M160 SKR LBM121 p23  1995     on 483 to Croydon             Londonlinks green/green/red

DP 162  M162 SKR LBH98 p84   5/97 BF  on 407 to Sutton              Londonlinks green/green/red

DP 302  J302 WHJ LBH2_92p90  1992     on W16 to Chingford Mount     County Bus cream/green

DP 307  J307 WHJ LBM80 p07  11/91     on 444 to Chingford Station   County Bus cream/green

DP 309  J309 WHJ LBM97 p29  10/96     on 444 to Chingford Stn       County Bus cream/green

DP 325  P325 HVX LBM101 p39           on 256 to Noak Hill, ThameSide,         cream/green/Cowie stripes
                 LCBH98 p09  9/96     on 346 to Upminster Station, ThameSide, cream/green/Cowie stripes

DPL 16  M216 EGF LBM93 p06   */95 AL  on 200 to Raynes Park, Mitcham London General, Streetline

 100    J220 HGY LBM121 p24           on 407 to Sutton, West Croydon          Kentish Bus maroon/primrose

 225    J225 HGY LBM106 p9   1998 GD  on 246 to Edenbridge, Metrobus,         blue/yellow

 228    J228 UGY BSCLB p36  10/93     on 286 to Eltham, Woolwich, Transcity,  green, yellow stripe
        J228 HGY LBM88 p08   */94     on 286 to Greenwich, Blackheath, K.B, Transcity green

 694    K904 CVW LBM110 p31  1/99     on DLR replacement service, First Cap.  DLR livery
 695    K905 CVW LBM107 p65  1/99     on DLR replacement service, First Cap.  DLR livery
 695    K905 CVW LBM115 p10 10/00     on W19 to Walthamstow Central, First Cap. red/yellow

 708    K708 KGU Metbus p66 12/92 OP  on 211 to Sidcup, Metrobus,             blue/yellow
 708    K708 KGU Metbus p70  1993 OP  on 358 to Orpington Stn, Metrobus,      blue/yellow
 713    K713 KGU Metbus p96  1993 OP  on 358 to Orpington Stn, Metrobus,      blue/yellow

 902    K902 CVW BFaut94p44           on 214 to Highgate Village, Liverpool St.,Thamesway, badger
 907    K907 CVW LBM101 p39           on 214 to Parliament Hill Fields,       Thamesway, badger
 909    K909 CVW Buses451p34 1992     on 214 to Liverpool Street Stn          Thamesway

 937    L937 GYL LBH98 p43   4/97     on 173 to East Beckton, Grey Green      grey/green/orange/white
        L64 SFM  TLB522 p0   1/08     on 22: Staple Tye & Town, Harlow        Trustline red/blue/yellow

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