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The Northern Counties Paladin Darts

Photo References

A key to the book references can be found in the bibliography.

Kentish Bus 112-159

   815  L115 YVK  LBM105 p31  1998     on 255 to Rotherhithe, ALNE red/ice-cream 

DRN119  L119 YVK  LBM110 p22  1998 E   on 192 to Angel Road,  ALN  red/ice-cream

   123  L123 YVK  LBM101 p40  199*     on 42 to Camberwell Green, KB, maroon/primrose

   126 L126 YVK  LBM121 p23           on 421 to Sutton       Londonlinks grn/grn/red

  3142  L142 YVK  LBM112p51        NF  on 429 to Bluewater,   AKT  blue/ice-cream branded

   145  L145 YVK  LBM89 p04   1994     on 181 to Lewisham,    KB, maroon/primrose


London Northern / MTL London / Metroline DNL 101-110, 112-120

DNL101  L101 HHV  BFaut94 p57 1994 HT  on C2 to Oxford Circus  LB:, red/grey, white roof

DNL104  L104 HHV  TLB472p37   2003     on 269 to Grays, Great Warley, Imperial, green/white 

DNL109  L109 HHV  AIHLB p123  8/94 HT  on C2 to Oxford Circus, LB: red/white/C2 branded.
                  LBH95 p46   6/94 HT  on C2 to Oxford Circus, red/grey/white band, roof, C2 brand
                  LBH98 p123  4/97 HT  on C11 to Archway Stn,  MTL London, red/grey/white band, roof
                                                               Camden link branding (for C2)

DNL118  L118 HHV  LBM89 p05   1994 HT  on C2 to Parliament Hill Fields, LB: red/white/London Northern.

Capital Citybus 670

   670  L670 SMC  LBM101 p20           on D5 to Isle of Dogs, Capital Citybus yellow.
                  LBM122 p36  6/02     with First Devon & Cornwall, St.Ives

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