XF3 at Dorking

Dorking Classic Bus Running Day

Sunday 2nd September 2007

Prepared by Ian Smith, 13th September 2007

Part Two: 414/439: Redhill to Dorking: RF679

I had time for a reasonable breakfast at Redhill before RF679 arrived. On arrival I asked Colin Rivers if he wanted a coffee, but he had grabbed something at Sevenoaks. I jumped aboard the RF, the blinds at the front were reset to show 414 to Reigate, and we were away, westwards through the conjoined towns of Redhill and Reigate. Soon we passed the market hall in Reigate, where the RLHs used to stand to make their way to Bromley North.

RF679 at Redhill Reigate

We continued along to the stop at Red Cross, where we picked up Nigel Henty (who took the picture of RF679 approaching). At the Red Cross stop the blinds were wound on again for the 439 journey to Dorking via Leigh.

RF679 at Reigate (N.Henty) RF679 at Reigate Red Cross

We set off westwards, turning off the A25 at Reigate Heath. There was not room among the parked cars to stop there for a picture. We headed off along the minor road, which became progressively narrower as we left the open heath behind. We wriggled our way down past Santon, fortunately meeting little traffic, to Flanchford, where we turned west down to Little Flanchford Bridge. There quite a few of us alighted to cross the narrow bridge first, to watch the bus ease across.

RF679 at Little Flanchford Bridge RF679 at Little Flanchford Bridge

A mile further on we turned left to reach the little village of Leigh, where lots more pictures were taken around the well and the smart bus shelter opposite the pub.

RF679 at Leigh RF679 at Leigh

We reboarded, and headed off towards Dorking, turning out onto the 439 loop route and heading north for Brockham. We passed red RF486 heading for Reigate. Colin paused at the Brockham Green stop, so that those who wanted could descend on foot to Brockham Bridge to watch the bus cross the single-track bridge over the River Mole.

RF679 at Brockham Bridge RF679 at Brockham Bridge

He waited for us at the bus stop on the northern side. We continued up top Brockham Lane End, then into Dorking along the A25. As we approached Dorking Halls I could see SNB340 loading for a 439 trip on the other side of the road. This was my preferred ride. Would I catch it? I thanked Colin and ran..

SNB340 and RT3148 at Dorking Halls

Part 3: 439/430/406: National travel: SNB340

All photos by Ian Smith (unless otherwise indicated). Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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