RT3148 at Dorking on 470

Dorking Running Day

Sunday 4th September 2005

Prepared by Ian Smith, 20th September 2005

Part Seven: Homegoings

Back at Dorking the bus-park was emptying, as buses headed home. Cobham's GS34 departed for its short run home, followed shortly by their RTL139.

GS34 leaves Dorking RTL139 leaves too

RF486 came back in after a late short-working to Four Wents Pond and back on the 449. I walked down into the bus park, where GS62 was wearing yet another 449 blind, for the short-working to Chart Downs Estate. GS13 rested alongside, with 433 Ranmore blinds.

RF486 arrives on 449 GS13 and GS62 rest from their labours

Suddenly there was a flurry of red double-deckers: RML2364 came in from a 414 run from Capel, just as RM9 surged up the bank to head home for London on the 70D. Then RTW75 came in on the last 93 run from Epsom.

RML2346 arrives on 414 RM9 departs RTW75 arrives on 93

Then GS76 came in from a 449 working from Capel. It was time for me to find RF679 for my ride back to Kent.

GS76 arrives on 449 GS76 arrives on 449

414 to Redhill (and Sevenoaks)(RF679)

I found RF679 half-way down the bus park. The folk that we had brought in the morning were already aboard, so as soon as I joined them we were away, up the ramp and out to the dolly stop, where we picked up another passenger. We set off, only to be stuck in a jam for the A26 roundabout for a few minutes. But then we were away properly, and rumbled steadily eastwards. Reigate, Redhill, Bletchingley... all disappeared behind us. WE had no 410 blinds today, so beyond Reigate we resorted to a 414 Dorking blind again.

We had a request for a stop at Godstone Green (for photos, not the fair), and duly obliged.

RF679 tries to leave Dorking RF679 at Godstone Green

Metrobus 380 descends from Limpsfield Common

We headed on along the 410 route towards Oxted. Yes - we went via Old Oxted again. Going up the hill on the far side we spotted Metrobus Dart SLF No.380, the Kent County Council sponsored bus that came to Metrobus from Southlands in May 2004. Still in Southlands yellow/blue skirt, it was on its way home to Godstone garage after its day's work on the 401 (Tunbridge Wells - Westerham).

We rolled on down into Westerham, where another of our passengers departed to make a connection for Bromley on the 246. Brasted, Riverhead, Sevenoaks Station. The last of our passengers alighted, and we turned up the hill and climbed up to the War Memorial, then back down through St John's to rejoin the A25. We trundled on into Kent as the dusk settled around us. It had been another good day.

system map Thanks to all those who organised; gave permissions; drove; conducted; directed; loaned buses; time-tabled; sold programmes etc; came; rode; enjoyed the event.

Buses (not all operating):


All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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