RT3148 at Dorking on 470

Dorking Running Day

Sunday 4th September 2005

Prepared by Ian Smith, 20th September 2005

Part Six: Greenline to Hook (and back)

Nineteen thirty was the first year of GreenLine services, so 2005 is the 75th anniversary. So today there were some Greenline services working to and from Dorking. Feeder services had included the 712 from Oxford Circus (RF48), a 713 from Stockwell (RP21), and a 727/713 from St.Albans (SNC168), and were again a few local Greenline runs. Two of these were with SNC168, operating to and from Hook and Chessington. I installed myself on the afternoon run, and we set off.

Immediately it was obvious that the view forward (from the seats) was much bigger on the Leyland National. We turned left to pass Dorking Station and head into the Mole Gap. We passed Burford Bridge and wound along the split-level dual carriageway through the woods.

SNC168 at Dorking In the Mole gap

We wriggled through Leatherhead, and followed the A243 parallel to the M25 for a way, before diving under the motorway to reach a roundabout. We took neither the M25 turn-off (Junction5) nor the A244 to Esher, but headed north along the A243 through the edge of The Forest.

Junction 5 The Forest

We roared along the straight main road through the countryside. We passed Malden Rushett, then Chessington World of Adventures. The suburbia of Chessington and Hook then draped itself around us. We stopped at a bus stop with lay-by in Hook, before heading up the dual carriageaway to the big roundabout over the A3.

Bus stop in Hook Hook Roundabout

There we cut short our Luton-ward trip, and turned round the roundabout to pull up at the southbound stop. We changed drivers, Eddie Knorn taking over for the southbound trip. The blinds were reset to Dorking too, and we were away, back the way we had come.

Southbound at Hook In traffic

We paused at the Chessington WoA stop, then headed on out into the country. We dived under the M25 again to re-enter the twists and turns of Leatherhead.

Chessington Zoo Under the M25

Then came one of those unplanned delights that make your day. As we negotiated the traffic lights in Leatherhead we came upon RTW75 waiting at the lights, heading for Epsom on a late 93. Magic moment.

We went on through Leatherhead and back towards Dorking. We passed down the narrow upper half of the dual carriageway to Burford Bridge, and on past Dorking Station to Dorking Pippbrook. Another excellent ride.

RTW75 in Leatherhead Through the Mole Gap

Now it was time to have a last look round and watch the late departures before catching my own bus home...

Part 7: Heading home

All photos by Ian Smith. Click on most of them for a larger picture.

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