SV6107 climbs up to Sevenoaks War Memorial

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday 16th July 2017

Prepared by Ian Smith, 21st July 2017.

Part Two: Sevenoaks

Already arrived at Sevenoaks bus station was a pair of Country Area RTs, that fortuitously were parked next to each other - an inspiring sight. A Go-Bus Solo in silver livery squeezed past, presumably on a 401 to Westerham, followed by an Arriva-liveried DAF "blinded" for a 402 to Sevenoaks. I thought that this was a sight not long to be seen, as from 23rd July Arriva was to truncate the Bromley 402 service at Dunton Green. I wondered why it was a DAF rather than the regular Optare Versa. Then I realised that this is a preserved bus, here for the running day, having run in on a feeder from Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells.

RT3148, RT3183, DAF3916

RT604 arrived from Croydon. I had hoped that it would pull past the other two, giving a triple line-up, but it was pulled in behind RT3183.

RT3148, RT3183, RT604 RT604

A pair of RFs had arrived, both long-term CBR attenders. RF633 has recently changed owner, but was still here, dressed for the Green Line 705. RF679 is still with the team, and was tucking in behind RF429.

RT3148, RT3183, RT604 RF679

Another Country Area RF arrived, RF600 on a feeder service from Oxted. Also there was RM1397. RF600 RM1397

Other buses arrived while I was in the cafe having breakfast. When I emerged I watched RF429 depart on a well-loaded 413 to Ide Hill.

RF429 on 413

M&D DAF 3916 loaded up for a service 9 to Borough Green Station, and RF406 arrived, ready to work a 413A.

DAF3916 on 9 RF406 on 413A

Then something very different arrived, a blast from the past: Leyland Titan TD1 HVSV6107, built in 1931. The Jersey Motor Transport bus (then registered J1199) grumbled gently in to the bus station, before going to park, prior to running on tours to Otford or Dunton Green.

SV6107 SV6107 But now it was time for me to join RF679 for the set of Works Journeys to and from Fort Halstead.

Part Three: Fort Halstead Works Journeys

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