GS62 at Sevenoaks Bus Station

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday May 22nd May 2016

Prepared by Ian Smith, 2nd June 2016.

Part Five: Late lunch at Sevenoaks

After lunch in the cafe I emerged to see what was happening.

Ex-Metrobus Lynx2 101 was passing through on a shuttle to the Go-Coach Open Day at Otford. In the other bay was RF633, passing through from Chipstead to Ide Hill on the 413A.

Lynx 101 on 401 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn RF633 on 431A Sevenoaks Bus Stn

Arrivals and departures were desultory at this time, so I walked round to see what was parked. RF168 caught my eye, a modernised Green Line RF, and a fairly frequent attender at the Sevenoaks Running Days.

RF168 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn RF168 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn

RT604 was on a break from 403 duties.

Ex-Arriva DAF-Alexander DLA 147 was just setting out on a 9 to Borough Green.

RT604 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn DLA147 on 9 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn

Parked were the East Kent/Sealink Regent V GJG739D and Leyland National SNB340, another frequent Sevenoaks participant.

GJG and SNB340 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn

GS62 roared in from Chipstead with a 413B, followed by RT3183 heading from Tonbridge to Westerham.

GS62 on 413B at Sevenoaks Bus Stn RT3183 on 403 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn

Another modernised Green Line was RF48, also working on the 401 shuttle to Otford. Red RF406 was working in from Twitton on the 404.

RF48 on 401 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn RF406 on 404 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn

Then there was a service bus. County Connect had very recently started a Sunday service on the 406 between Sevenoaks and Gravesend, with three journey pairs in the day. Now ex-Go-Ahead London Volvo President PVL215 was on the afternoon departure to Gravesend. (It said 406 on the side display, despite the 415 on the front).

From the other bay sallied forth Camden Coaches' Reliance 900 SAF, working the 68 to Plaxtol as it did after Camden took over from M&D.

County Connect PVL215 on 406 900SAF on 68 at Sevenoaks Bus Stn

M&D Regent V low-bridge DL39 was still on a break. SNB340 had returned to duty, and was loading for a 471 to Knockholt Pound.

DL39 SNB340 on 471

But a roar from behind me told me that DL39 was about to appear on the 9 to Borough Green...

Part Six: the Eastern border

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