RF633 at Fort Halstead

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday May 17th 2015

Prepared by Ian Smith, 25th May 2015.


First impression at Sevenoaks bus station was of RFs. I was on red RF429, which pulled through the bus stands and then reversed out of the way near the cafe. On the way in we passed RF308, in its London Country bus livery. Further down was another red RF, RF406, getting ready to be first bus out on the 403 to Brasted.

RF308 at Sevenoaks RF406 at Sevenoaks

At the east end of the bus station stood RF633, in London Transport green and cream, ready for the 431 to Orpington Stration via Knockholt Pound and Halstead. RF146, in LT green and yellow, had long since arrived from Orpington on the "express" 431A via Polhill.

RF633 at Sevenoaks RF146 at Sevenoaks

But it was not all RFs. Country Area RT3183 was also there ready for a 403 turn to Tonbridge Station. Also heading for Tonbridge Station was Go-Coach's Dart SLF GJ52HDZ, on the 401, Sevenoak's only "normal" Sunday route.

RT3183 at Sevenoaks GJ52HDZ on 401 at Sevenoaks

Now it was time for breakfast in the very busy station cafe. As I ate, other buses arrived: RT604 on the 403 from Croydon; RF28; RT3148 on the 403 from Westerham; RT1700 on the 401 from Belvedrere and Dartford; East Kent Reliance WFN513; Maidstone & District Lynx 3043 and Arriva Olympian 5928. Breakfast done, I went out to see.

RT3183 on 403 at Sevenoaks RT1700 on 401 at Sevenoaks

But now things were on the go: the outbound timetable had begun. RF406 went round the block in order to reach the loading bays, passing RF28 (and RT604) on the way. It was heading for Brasted on the 403, whence it would return as a 413 via Ide Hill. It was well loaded - the banks up out of Brasted would be a trial! (But not as much as if it went via Otford and Twitton, as advertised on the blind!) It was followed by RF429 heading for Fort Halstead as a 402.

RF28 at Sevenoaks RF406 on 403 at Sevenoaks RF406 on 403 at Sevenoaks

RF429 was followed out by RML2750.

RML2750 at Sevenoaks

I took the opportunity to peek at two of the Maidstone & District buses that had arrived to work on route 9. 3043 was a Lynx, in a most attractive M&D livery. 5928 was a Volvo Olympian, preserved in a mixed livery, with Arriva scoop on the front sides, and M&D on the front, rear and rear sides.

3043 at Sevenoaks 5928 at Sevenoaks

Another vehicle for the 9 came into the bus station: M&D Leopard 2816, in traditional cream and green coach livery. Then another RML: G-Coach RML2472 was on the shuttle to the Open Day at the Otford Garage.

2816 at Sevenoaks RML2472 at Sevenoaks

I joined RT3148 for a ride out to Westerham on the 403...

Part Three: RT3148 on the 403

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