RF633 on 413, Brasted

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday May 18th 2014

Prepared by Ian Smith, 27th May 2014.

Sevenoaks Bus Station

I had a quick look round the bus station before going for breakfast. It was busy. The spring sunshine had brought out lots of people. Modernised Green Line RF28 was loading for a 704 trip to Farnborough and back, amidst an interested crowd.

Round the corner, in what is usually a car-park, the trade stalls appeared to be doing good business, and RF633 was getting ready for a 404 trip to Twitton.

RF28 on 704, Sevenoaks RF633, Sevenoaks

Representing the traditional Maidstone & District presence in Sevenoaks, Reliance SC390 arrived and pulled forward to park for a while.

SC390, Sevenoaks SC390, Sevenoaks

Further down the bus-park were modernised RF146 in London Country livery, and RM1397, which would spend the day on the 402 between Tonbridge and Green Street Green.

RF146, Sevenoaks RM1379, Sevenoaks

RT604 was having a break after its long feeder journey from West Croydon, before working with the other RTs on the 410 to Westerham. RF633 headed off round the block to the bus station stands for the 404 to Twitton. The road on from Twitton to Shoreham Village, and the turn there, are now too risky at weekends.

RT604, Sevenoaks RF633 on 404, Sevenoaks

Newly-restored Atlantean AN53 was here too, and would share the load on the 402, while regular RF679 was resting before a trip to Orpington.

AN53, Sevenoaks RF679, Sevenoaks

A pair of RTs had joined the throng: Central Area RT1798 and Country Area RT3183, the latter just back from an early trip to Westerham. (Presumably I could have joined this if I had been unlucky with MB90). Go-bus RML2699 was lurking behind RT3183, performing today on the 401 as a change from its regular workings on the Sevenoaks Tours.

RT1798, Sevenoaks RT3183 off 403, Sevenoaks

Having seen what was here at this time, I went for an excellent breakfast in the bus station cafe, open especially today for the event.

Half-way through a hot coffee I scurried out to observe Olympian 5928, ex Arriva Kent & Sussex, on the stand for the 1105 service 9 to Borough Green.

I went down to look at Camden Coaches' Reliance 900SAF. Camden Coaches took over route 55 to Plaxtol from Maidstone & District, and this vehicle would be working it today.

5928 on 9, Sevenoaks 900SAF, Sevenoaks

Another bus to catch my eye was preserved M&D OR1, a 1946 Regal with 1958 open-top bodywork. This was extremely popular during the day, and was usually seen stretching its springs with full loads.

Less unusual was RF600, loading for the 1110 413 to Chipstead.

OR1, Sevenoaks RF600 on 413, Sevenoaks

Red RML2699 came round into the bus station to load up for the 1115 401 to Otford, passing RT1798 at the entrance. RT604 was loading for the 1117 403 to Westerham.

RML2699 on 401, Sevenoaks RT604 on 403, Sevenoaks

Preserved Metrobus Olympian 806 was now waiting at the entrance to the bus station for the 1047 410 to Redhill - a revival for the day of the latter-day 410 service along the foot of the Downs. Whilst waiting for my bus - the 1140 431 to Orpington, I noticed the aliums flowering in the bus station....

Olympian 806, Sevenoaks aliums, Sevenoaks

Part Three: Sevenoaks and Orpington

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