GS15 on 471, Knockholt Pound

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday May 13th 2012

Prepared by Ian Smith, 21st May 2012.

Lunchtime at Sevenoaks

Things were fairly quiet at Sevenoaks when I got back. Many buses were out on various routes, and a few were having a mid-day break. Among the latter were Reliance SC390, Albion Nimbus SO308 and RT3148, while RF406 was still awaiting the puncture repair man.

SC390, RT3183, SO308, RF406

Leyland National SNB340 was set up ready for a 431 trip to Knockholt.

SNB340 at Sevenoaks for 431 SNB340 at Sevenoaks for 431

But RT604 loaded up for the hourly 403 journey to Westerham, and set off.

RT604 at Sevenoaks for 403 RT604 at Sevenoaks for 403

DMS1868 unloaded after a trip on the 401, then drove part-way round the block to find a parking place.

DMS1868 at Sevenoaks off 401 DMS1868 at Sevenoaks off 401

RF429 came in off the 404 from Twitton via Otford, and stopped for a break.

RF429 at Sevenoaks off 404 RF429 at Sevenoaks off 404

"Modernised" RF146 came in off a 704 from Tunbridge Wells, and also parked up. Metrobus Olympian 395 also arrived on a 401 working.

RF146 at Sevenoaks off 704 395 at Sevenoaks off 401

GS15 came in off the 413B and tucked away in the Sainsbury's carpark for a short while. The GS was next to go out on the 471 in company with RF429, which had had 471 blinds wound up - actually an unusual "Scotts Lodge" destination.

GS15 at Sevenoaks off 413B RF429 at Sevenoaks for 471

I was given the task of "minding" RF429 for a while, and was standing by it when DMS1868 passed again, this time carrying passengers on a trip to Farningham. Shining RML2699 also left with a good load on a northbound 402.

DMS1868 at Sevenoaks on 401 RML2699 at Sevenoaks on 402

Then we heard that RF429 would have to go out to collect a bus-load of passengers following a bus failure. So GS15, carrying just eight passengers, would be running the 471 to Green Street Green alone. A navigator was needed, so I volunteered, of course, and moved across to the Guy Special..

Part Five: Knockholt, Cudham and Green Street Green

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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