RF28 on 704, Bromley High Street

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday 15th May 2011

Prepared by Ian Smith, 29th May 2011.


The last scheduled departures were the feeder services. RT604 loaded up for the return to West Croydon, wearing 403X blue blinds.

T1101 was heading for Dartford on the 401.

RF604 on 403X, Sevenoaks T1101 on 401, Sevenoaks

Last year I had used the Dartford feeder for my homeward journey. This year, with a return railway ticket from Tunbridge Wells, I was to use XF3 to get to it. I joined the Fleetline and found a seat upstairs near the front. We set off round the block and turned south, along the winding narrow High Street and on towards River Hill.

XF3 on 402, Sevenoaks XF3 on 402, leaving Sevenoaks

We descended River Hill carefully, and took the old Tonbridge road from the roundabout at the foot, on to Hildenborough and then Tonbridge. Traffic was light as we negotiated the town centre and crossed the river and the railway. We continued on along the A26 towards Tunbridge Wells, and presently descended into the Wells to weave a way round the one-way system in the town centre. We ended up at the right place - the railway station, and I alighted.

XF3 on 402, Sevenoaks XF3 on 402, leaving Sevenoaks

Many thanks to the CBR team for organising the event, and to all those who made it possible, by loaning vehicles, driving, conducting, dispatching, doing maintenance and rebuilding, timetabling, preparing and selling programmes, booking, obtaining permissions, arranging for trade stands...and all the myriad other things needed to make it work. Thanks to the public who turned up and were so enthusiastic. Thanks to all those who bought a programme: diesel is a major expense now, and the programme sales go some way to reimbursing that cost, I understand.

RF28, RF146, RF168, RF315, RF429*, RF489*, RF600, RF633, SC390
RM938*, RML2323
SNB340, SNB449
T1101*, 395*
900SAF*, BUS364*

system map

Photos by Ian Smith. Click on any of them for a larger picture.

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