RF168 on 421, Otford

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday 16th May 2010

Prepared by Ian Smith, 28th May 2010.

106: Fawke Common and back: SO308

On arrival back at Sevenoaks I noticed the little Albion Nimbus, SO308, waiting to depart. In the next lane was AEC Reliance SC390, just back from a journey on the 68 from Borough Green via Plaxtol. I did not expect to get on the Nimbus, but once again I was lucky: although it was well filled there was still a seat at the front. I squeezed in.

SO308 at Sevenoaks SC390 at Sevenoaks

I snapped a rear shot of MB90 from the side window as we pulled out of the bus station. It was resting off the 454. We headed north, passing Leyland National SNB340 as we reached the War Memorial. That too was on the 454, heading for Tonbridge.

MB90 at Sevenoaks SNB430 at Sevenoaks War Memorial

We started down St.John's Hill, but did not go all the way down. Instead we turned right into Quaker Hall Lane, and oscillated acroos suburban Sevenoaks to Seal Hollow Road. A few yards down there we turned right into Blackhall Lane, a rural-seeming lane bounded by fields on the south and expensive houses hidden by hedges on the north. (This is tennis courts and swimming pools in the garden territory). Blackhall Lane took us to the The Buck's Head at Godden Green, a good-looking spot with every possible car-parking space or stopping place crammed with cars. We didn't stop, but continued south along Park Lane, through woodland, to reach Fawke Common.

Blackhall Lane, I think Park Lane, near Fawke Common

There isn't anything at Fawke Common to indicate that it is a bus stop, or ever has been. But it is (the 404 turns here), and was (M&D route 106). Possibly it never was a traffic objective, but was a reasonable place to turn, using the crossroads. Many of the folk on the bus decamped to watch the manoevre.

SO308, Fawke Common SO308, Fawke Common

SO308, Fawke Common SO308, Fawke Common

We climbed back aboard and set off back to Sevenoaks, enjoying the intense green of spring scenery all around us.

Now, after a couple of Maidstone & District small buses it was time for something big and red..

Part Six: Titan to Farningham

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