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Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday 16th May 2010

Prepared by Ian Smith, 20th May 2010.

704: Tunbridge Wells to Sevenoaks: GS62

GS62 at Tunbridge Wells on 704, 16th May 2010 GS62 at Tunbridge Wells on 704, 16th May 2010

GS62 has not been known to run on Green Line service before, nor any of the Dunton Green GSs. (Unless you know otherwise, of course),. But a failure of an intended feeder bus from Tunbridge Wells to Sevenoaks for the Running Day on 16th May 2010 was just too tempting for owner Alan Charman, who was bringing GS62 that way anyway, and had a set of Dunton Green 704 blinds.

I had reached Tunbridge Wells Station by Rail Replacement bus from Sevenoaks - a Volvo Citybus from Travelmasters of Sheerness - which had whizzed down the main road in surprisingly short time. I arrived at 0907, and hurried up the hill to the War Memorial stop. A National Express coach on the 023 to London called just at the appropriate time - the modern replacement for the 704 I suppose. Then the GS appeared, coming up the hill from the station, and pulled in to pick me up.

We set off to Tonbridge, soon overtaking the big National Express coach as it stopped again. At Tonbridge we met another of Travelmaster's Volvos (XIL5260) on the stopping service from Sevenoaks to Tunbridge Wells.

GS62 at Tunbridge Wells on 704 GS62 at Tunbridge Wells on 704

We paused at Tonbridge Station, then picked up a lady heading for the church. She would get there in plenty of time this morning. We climbed up through Tonbridge High Street, recalling the days when it was jammed solid at weekends, so that 402s and 403s turned short at the north end.

We headed on north through Hildenborough, swept round the big roundabout at the foot of River Hill - then sailed up River Hill in third gear!

GS62 at Tonbridge Stn on 704 GS62 on River Hill

We growled into Sevenoaks, threading the narrow main road past Sevenoaks School and the gates to Knole Park.

Sevenoaks Sevenoaks

We forked right in the centre of town, and turned into the bus station, to pull up behind GS15, which was ready for the 413B to Chipstead.

GS62 at Sevenoaks on 704 GS62 at Sevenoaks on 704

It was time for breakfast. I retired to the cafe, which was open especially for the day and doing a roaring trade.

Part Two: Arrivals at Sevenoaks

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