RF679 at Halstead

Sevenoaks Running Day

Sunday July 12th 2009

Prepared by Ian Smith, 18th July 2009.

Reigate to Sevenoaks: RT3183

I expected to catch RT3183 at Redhill Bus Station. I arrived by train at Redhill in plenty of time to get some breakfast before the bus was due, and was delighted to be recognised and invited to trip across to Reigate by car to catch the bus at Reigate Red Cross.

The bus was there when we arrived. It was the first time that I had travelled on this RT, although I had seen it previously at St.Albans on a couple of occasions. Today it was being crewed by new owner Chris Powis and driven by Phil Willson.

RT3183 at Reigate. RT3183 at Reigate.

We were away on time. I settled behind the bonnet and wondered how long the sunshine would last as we headed for Redhill. Travelling east along this road on a double-decker brought back memories of return journeys to Bromley on the 410 at the end of days on Green Rovers. We were soon into Redhill, where we called at the revamped bus station.

Chart Lane, Reigate. Redhill Bus Stn.

We passed under the railway bridge at Redhill Station, and ground up Redstone Hill. Once up on the sandstone ridge we romped eastwards along the A25 to Nutfield and Bletchingley. We paused at Godstone Green for a photo, and remembered Godstone Garage as we passed the housing on the old garage site. Soon we were passing the Tandridge roundabout and dropping down the Old Oxted by-pass, before turning left to Oxted. We ducked under the dug-out railway bridge of ancient notoriety, and turned right to stop at the east entrance to Oxted Station, where we had another passenger to pick up.

RT3183 at Godstone. Oxted Rly Bridge.

The climb to Limpsfield Common was a severe test for the bus, not helped by being stopped at the traffic lights. But we made it to the top, and rolled gently down the eastern slope into Kent, to reach Westerham.

into Kent. into Westerham.

In Westerham we paused for a few minutes for photos and passengers. The service bus, an Arriva Dart on the 401, set off before us, and disppeared down the hill past the statues of Wolfe and Churchill.

RT3183 at Westerham,. RT3183 at Westerham,.

We followed on shortly afterwards, rolling down the hill and motoring gently eastwards along the narrow winding main road through Brasted. We paused at the stop by the White Hart, then continued, through Sundridge and Bessels Green to Riverhead.

Brasted. Riverhead.

The service bus had turned off to service Chipstead, and we were now ahead of it, so were flagged down by bemused prospective passengers, to whom Chris explained that we were NOT the expected service bus to Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. While we were paused at the Riverhead stop we were passed by MB90, which pulled up the slight hill ahead of us.

We continued along the road to Sevenoaks Station, then turned up St.Botolphs Road. As we climbed under the delightful avenue of trees RF429 came whiffling down the hill, presumably on a station shuttle service.

MB90 at Riverhead. RF429, St Botolphs Road.

We turned right at the top, by the War Memorial, and negotiated the shallow-angle junction to head along into Sevenoaks. We found the unassuming entrance to the tiny bus station, and pulled up behind the Merlin.

I thanked Chris and Phil, and went to see what else was around, before my next journey. RF679 was standing round the corner. I saw Colin Rivers, and agreed to meet him again at lunch-time.

MB90 at Sevenoaks. RF679 at Sevenoaks.

London Transport buses predominated, but there was a sprinkling of others there. Maidstone & District dual-purpose Reliance SC390 was there, as was Camden Coaches'Reliance 900SAF.

SC390 at Sevenoaks. 900SAF at Sevenoaks.

Departures began: RF633 pulled out on a 413A to Four Elms, an LT boundary service that stopped tantalisingly short of Edenbridge because of the way the 1933 Act was drawn.

Red RF489 was set up for the morning run to Orpington via Knockholt Pound and Halstead, and was a reminder that Dunton Green did have an allocation of a red RF from time to time, as well as weekend loans.

RF633 on 431A at Sevenoaks. RF489 at Sevenoaks.

RMC1500 was waiting for its first duties, and looked really excellent in early London Country livery. Daimler Fleetline XF3 pulled away to circuit the block back to the bus station, revealing RF28, which was parked out of the way ready for a day's duties on the 704.

RMC1500 at Sevenoaks. XF3 at Sevenoaks. RF28 at Sevenoaks.

Also waiting for duty was RF315, and I went to make the acquaintance of new owners Norman and Dot, before joining them on the 454 run...

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