DAF SB220 Plaxton Prestige: S.M.Coaches

This page created 14th October 2012 by Ian Smith


Seeking more buses for the Harlow bus wars, S.M.Coaches bought a pair of DAF SB220s with Northern Counties Prestige bodywork in March and May 2010. They were well-travelled, having served with Smiths of Alcester, Arriva North West, Travel Your Bus (Birmingham), UK North (Manchester) and Renown (Bexhill) - at least.

The first one acquired, 696, was given S.M.Coaches white livery with blue skirt, plus branding for route 18 (Harlow - Sawbridgeworth - Bishops Stortford - Herts & Essex Hospital). The second, 697, received unbranded fleet livery.

They lasted more than a year and a half with SMC, being sold on in November 2011 to Ensign, and thence to GHA of Wrecsum, who overhauled them, repainted them, and put them back into service.

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