DAF SB220 Plaxton Prestige: Leaside Buses

This page created 24th November 2012 by Ian Smith


ALN DLP Leaside Buses had low-floor Scanias (SLWs) on route 144, and in January 1998 supplemented them with three DAF SB220s with Plaxton Prestige dual-doorway bodies. These were in red livery, numbered DLP1-3, and were soon treated to Arriva London livery.

But their sojourn on the 144 - and with Arriva London North East - was brief. I do not know whether it was the success of low-floor buses on the 144 requiring an increase in capacity, but in May 1999 they - and the SLWs - were replaced by low floor double-deckers. They all went to Arriva North West.

At some point the first two swapped registration plates. I presume that they had been muddled at first plating, and the swap was to get the right VIN details with each registration number.

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