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2003: More Alexanders: DLA 322-389

Another large batch of Alexander-bodied DLAs started to arrive in February 2003, DLA322-344 going to Thornton Heath where they displaced L-class Olympians to Norwood. They started service on the 109.

DLA325 and 376 in Croydon, March 2010

DLA325 and 376 in Croydon, March 2010
They were followed by DLA345-369 at Edmonton, where they took over on the 34 as well as appearing on the 125 in place of Ms.

DLA369 on 34 and DLP93 on 307></A>
<A HREF=DLA362 on 34 to Walthamstow Central

DLA369 crawls up the hill to High Barnet while DLP93 rushes down on a 307, May 2007. Still on the 34 in February 2011, DLA62 heads for Walthamstow Central.
In May deliveries began of DLA370-389 for Clapton, where they are for the 242 and 253. In jTottenham received new Wright-bodied Volvos, displacing some DLAs to Clapton.

DLA381 on 242 to Homerton Hospital DLA378 on 242 to St Paul's Station

Now a year old Clapton's DLA381 heads for Homerton Hospital on the 242 in June 2004, while DLA378 goes the other way to St.Paul's.

GarageRoute noRoute
TH Thornton Heath109 Croydon (Park Street) - Thornton Heath Pond - Streatham Common - Brixton Station
EC Edmonton 34 Barnet Church - Walthamstow Central Station
EC Edmonton 125 Winchmore Hill Station Rd - Southgate - North Finchley - Finchley Central Station
CT Clapton 242 Tottenham Court Rd Stn - High Holborn - Holborn Viaduct - Bishopsgate - Hackney Central Stn - Hackney Downs Stn - Clapton Park - Homerton Hospital
CT Clapton 253 Euston Stn - Camden Town - Finsbury Park - Stamford Hill - Clapton - Hackney Central Stn

South London gets older DLAs

In August/September 2003 there was a wholesale shift of some of the older DLAs into Thornton Heath from Norwood and Clapton, displaced by Volvos (VLAs and VLWs). The DLAs displaced Ls from the 198.

DLA38 on 198 to Shrublands></A>
<A HREF=DLA50 on 198 to Shrublands

DLA38 on 198 to Shrublands, Shirley, May 2009. DLA50 on 198 to Shrublands, Sandilands, October 2007.

DLA140 on 198 to Thornton Heath DLA60 on 198 to Shrublands

DLA140 on 198 to Thornton Heath, Shirley, February 2010. DLA60 on 198 to Shrublands, Shirley, January 2010.

Also in August 2003 Croydon received new DWs, They were intended for the 412, but there was a width problem, involving their large mirrors. So the 412 received DLAs, and DLAs as well as DWs became mixed on the 194, the 264, the 50 and the 468. I had reason to stay sometimes near Sandilands, and the 194 appeared to be exclusively DLAs.

DLA136 on 412 to Purley DLA187 on 197, East Croydon

DLA136 on a 412 to Purley threads its way round the low-bridge avoidance route at South Croydon, March 2005. DLA187 on the 194 shares the road with tram-tracks between East Croydon Station and Sandilands, April 2010.

GarageRoute noRoute
TH Thornton Heath198 Thornton Heath (High Street) - Thornton Heath Garage - West Croydon - East Croydon - Shirley - Shrublands
TC Croydon 412 West Croydon - South Croydon - Selsdon - Purley
TC Croydon 194 Lower Sydenham (Sainsbury's) - Sydenham - Penge - Beckenham - Elmers End - Eden Park - West Wickham - Shirley - East Croydon - West Croydon Bus Station
TC Croydon 264 Croydon - Tooting Broadway - Tooting (St George's Hospital)
TC Croydon 50
TC Croydon 50 Streatham Garage - Norbury - Thornton Heath - Croydon - South Croydon (Swan & Sugar Loaf)

DLA180 on a garage run, West Croydon DLA156

DLA180 on a garage run off the 194, West Croydon, January 2009, by now in all-red livery minus the cow-horn. DLA 156 sports a super-rear advert in February 2010.

DLA189 on route 50

DLA189 on 50, Streatham High Rd, December 2009.

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