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Optare Spectras SP1-25

Photographic References

For a key to the references see the bibliography.

SP 1   K301 FYG LBM83 p04   9/92 Q  at Press Launch, Imperial War Museum
                LBM97 p14        Q  on 3 to Kennington Church, Oxford Circus

SP 2   K302 FYG LBR92 p71        EW rear near-side view
                                 W  on 16 to Victoria, Victoria Bus Stn
                LBH93 p51  11/92 W  on 16 to Cricklewood

SP 3   K303 FYG LBM128 p52 12/92 Q  on 40 to Aldgate, Minories
                LBR92 p71   */97 Q  on 40 to Dulwich

SP 5   K305 FYG LBR92 p71  12/92 Q  on 40 to Aldgate, Aldgate

SP11   K311 FYG AIHLB p107 10/93 Q  on 3 to Crystal Palace, Oxford Circus

SP13   K313 FYG LBM97 p20        Q  on N3 to Bromley North Stn, Trafalgar Square

SP15   K315 FYG LBH93 p52        Q  on 3, Lambeth Bridge, rear view

SP17   170 CLT  LBM92 p44        Q  on 3 to Oxford Circus, Parliament Square
                LBM97 p15        Q  on 40 to Dulwich, Elephant & Castle

SP20   20 CLT   BYB95 p15        Q  on 3 to Crystal Palace

SP25   K325 FYG LBH93 p51   3/93 Q  on 3 to Crystal Palace, Oxford Circus

SP              LBH93 p52           interior, upstairs

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