Country Bus Rallies
updated 2nd December 2021

GS2 at Chapmore End, June 2011 The virus rampages on. From personal observations of queues most people seem to think that 2 metres is about as long as their arms! Even so, the buses have mainly stood idle for a year. Many may have had those longed-for touch-ups or renewals. Others may have suffered through neglect in unreachable locations. Drivers and crew are also a year older. Some may no longer be up to the task. So there will be need for patience once running days recommence.

Bromley Running Day

Confirmation that the Bromley Running Day is Sunday 12th December, start appx 10am, end appx 16.30, currently planning 5 x RF on the 227 (Bromley to Penge / Crystal Palace), 1 x RT, 1 x RM on the 94 (Grove Park to Petts Wood).

Don't forget that face-masks are mandatory on public transport, and please obey conductors on seating arrangements, hygiene etc. Have a nice day.

Details of past events that I have attended can still be found in the archives.. RT1702 on 94