Country Bus Rallies
updated 26th November 2019

GS2 at Chapmore End, June 2011 Do you like GREEN London Transport buses?

Do you enjoy days out in the Country?

Do you remember glorious days on Green Rovers?

Answer yes to any of these and Country Bus Rallies are for you. Whether you are a bus enthusiast, a fifties fanatic, a number collector, a photographer, or someone who just likes a good day out, Country Bus Rallies are the thing for you.

They happen on about four Sundays a year, during the warmer (if not drier) months. Preserved green London Transport buses, mainly from the fifties and sixties - and their drivers and conductors - plus a few red friends, gather together for a day running services around a market town somewhere in the London Country Area, places like East Grinstead, Hertford and Sevenoaks, plus an annual Summer Holiday event in Eastbourne.

GS2 at the rural terminus at Chapmore End, in June 2011.

RF28 in Dorking, September 2009 There are proper published timetable for the days, that can be obtained in advance so that you can plan your excursions and make connections. There are enough buses for you to do this, with connecting points scattered around in towns and villages - and at pubs. We even try not to leave anyone behind at the end of the day! Sometimes events conspire to wreck the best of well-laid plans, like road closures, drivers getting lost, or even punctures. It all adds to the enjoyment if you come in the right frame of mind!

Services at the major events are provided free of charge. Possession of a programme is not required, and does not constitute a ticket or a right to ride on services. Nevertheless we do hope that you will purchase a programme!

RF28 worked Green Line route 713 between Epsom and Dorking in September 2009. Here it is at the Dorking terminus.

RF429 on 227 at Penge, Crooked Billet
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Bromley mini Running Day 2019

Sunday 8th December

Bromley Running Day is a bit different. It is in the old Central area for a start, with mainly red buses. There is no central meeting point: buses run between termini, like normal buses. We do not publish a timetable or programme, as Bromley traffic snarls can cause havoc if there is one!

There are five buses, presumably mainly RFs running as a supplementary service on the 227 between Bromley North Station and Penge or Crystal Palace, plus two RTs and an RM on the 94 between Bromley North and Orpington Station. I gather from LOTS that DT29 will be operating on the 162 between Bromley and Eltham.

It is an event primarily run to delight late Christmas shoppers with a taste of 1950s travel, with real seats and conductors, but not wheelchairs or buggies!

Getting there
can be done in several ways: public transport from London, or buses! RMC4 on arrival at East Grinstead, April 2010

Feeder journeys can often be very interesting in themselves. In April 2010 RMC4 worked to East Grinstead from Bromley using route 410 to Godstone and then 409 to East Grinstead, before working on routes 409 and 708 during the day.

When and where?
RT2083 on 715 at Hertford, June 2011

28th April 2019: East Grinstead
19th May 2019: Sevenoaks.
9th June 2019: Hitchin & Stevenage.
7th July 2019: Eastbourne
8th December 2019: Bromley
Past Events in 2018
22nd April 2018: East Grinstead.
13th May 2018: Sevenoaks.
9th December 2018: Bromley 227/94

RT2083 at Hertford Bus Station, June 2011, running short journeys on the Green Line 715.

Route Recreation Days
RF633 on 388 to Mardley Hill, June 2011 Country Bus Rallies also run single route or small area events using one or two vehicles. These are published in advance in the programme for larger events, and are notified to postal purchasers of programmes. Because of their small size they have to be booked in advance from the organisers. These are CLUB events for which a CLUB subscription is payable.

Forthcoming events: Plans are being developed, and you will get to know when they come to fruition.

RF633 in the lane to Tewin on the 388 to Mardley Hill on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Past events:
Sat 6th June 2010: Route 351.
Sat 4th June 2011: 388,303,386
Sat 2nd June 2012: 386A (RF), 333 & 390 (RW)
Sun 15th July 2012: Surrey Hills 1950s
Sun 2nd Sept. 2012: 364/A,337,360,366,304
Sun 8th June 2013: 807,383,364,386
Sun 1st Sept. 2013: 424 branches
Sat 7th June 2014: Hertford- Epping - Toothill/Coopersale: 372 and 381
Sat 6th June 2015: 350, 351, Hertford
Sat 1st August 2015: 703: Wrotham - Amersham, 398A
Sat 4th June 2016: 384, 364, 383, 801, 384B: Stevenage/Hitchin/Letchworth
Sat 3rd June 2017: 303: New Barnet Stn - Hitchin - Stevenage.

There may be a club event in 2019, but don't hold your breath.Keep an eye on the web-site. Once announced, details of events can be obtained: send contact details and A5 stamped address envelop to : Country Bus Rallies 19, Hampton Way East Grinstead West Sussex RH19 4SG

Please don't e-mail ian smith, as he doesn't have the lists.

GS62 and RF308 meet at Tewin on the 388, June 2007.

SO43 at Sevenoaks, May 2010
What sort of buses?
The theme for most events is London Transport 1950s and 1960s, so you can reasonably expect RTs, RFs and GSs (allowing for their aging condition and the difficulties of obtaining spares. An RLH or two have made appearances sometimes too. Most of the buses are green, but there are some red ones, a reminder that on Summer Sundays in the fifties the Country Area had to borrow heavily from the Central Area to keep up with demand. There is a growing more modern contingent too, with Routemasters, Leyland Nationals, AEC Reliances, and even more modern buses now that the disabled persons regulations have made many still-young buses redundant. As the Country Area abutted other operators there may also be some planned routes using preserved buses of Maidstone & District, Southdown, United appropriate. Have a look at 2005's Gravesend report.

Maidstone & District Bristol SO43 operated at the Sevenoaks Running Day in May 2010.

MB90 at Chipstead, May 2010
Where can I buy a programme / timetable?
Programmes for each event can be obtained for about a month in advance of each event. They include the expected allocation/running sheet.
Send a strong A5 envelope with sufficient stamps for the return post (First Class) containing the number of programmes you require, with a cheque or postal order for 7.50 to:
Country Bus Rallies
19 Hampton Way
East Grinstead
RH19 4SG
Programmes can also be purchased on the day, but buying one in advance will help you plan your day (and is 0.50 cheaper!). Possession of a programme is not required to use the services.

Some journeys that we expect to be heavily in demand will require a free control ticket to be obtained from the control point before boarding.

MB90 pauses in Chipstead with a 454 working from Tonbridge, May 2010.

Who organises it? What should I know?
RT604 at Effingham, September 2009 RT3148 at East Grinstead, April 2010

Country Bus Rallies are a group of volunteers, who have come together to offer these events. They have a wealth of experience in bus preservation, and enjoy sharing their hobby with the public through these running days. It is NOT a business! The group has no obligation to provide the services, to operate in accordance with the published timetable, or to provide particular buses - but do try!

The buses are mostly provided by private preservationists. Some have private vehicle insurance, some are public service vehicles.
Please respect the vehicles, which are elderly and cared for in their owners' spare time. Enjoy your day, and help others to enjoy theirs.

RT604 worked on the 408 between West Croydon and Effingham or Guildford in September 2009, while RT3148 worked on the local 435 at the East Grinstead Day, April 2010.
Please note:Vehicle owners ask that people who travel on their buses refrain from eating or drinking while aboard, and please do not bring aboard framed rucksacks or non-folding pushchairs. (The food and drink tends to encourage mice in places where the buses are kept, which don't do the buses much good, the rucksacks have been found to scratch the elderly paintwork, and non-folding pushchairs cause access difficulties in the narrow gangways of these older buses.)
RT3062 on 167, Fairlop, September 2011.

What about the Central Area?

Operating in Greater London (Central Area) is more difficult. The main problem is not Transport for London, who are very co-operative with responsible groups, but the problem of finding places to stand or park buses. Bus stations are often not useable in the TfL zone as these are in intensive use seven days a week. So CBR operations in red areas usually involve small numbers of buses which operate without using a central location. For these reason the Bromley mini-Running Days have operated without a programme or published timetable, and the days at Loughton have had few buses to avoid parking problems and allow use of Loughton bus station.

RT3062 pauses at Fairlop on a 167 working to Barkingside, during the 2011 Loughton mini-event

RF429 and GS15 on 465 at Holland, September 2011.

Text and photos by Ian Smith. Click on photos for a larger picture.

Ian Smith and Ian's Bus Stop have no official connection with Country Bus Rallies, although I have enjoyed riding and recording some of the events in the last few years, and am regarded as group photographer for the events I can get to. Information is provided in good faith, but I have no responsibility for organising or providing facilities.

The reports are purely my personal record of the days, and not an official record, so the emphasis is purely mine and not that of the CBR organisers. Some aspects of the days get overlooked by me, or left until next time, so apologies to anyone who expects comprehensive coverage of all aspects!

As was common in the 1950s, red buses feature on the Country Bus Running Days. Here RF429 duplicates GS15 on a 465 journey to Staffhurst Wood, passing Holland (September 2011).

OTHER ORGANISERS also have London-orientated running days and rallies.
Please note that although many of the buses and participants in these events may be the same as on the CBR events,
Country Bus Rallies have no responsibility for any aspect of their organisation or content. Amersham & District are organising a number of events, but because when I mentioned them here people applied to us for programmes instead of to the organisers you will have to look them up for yourselves.

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