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As well as their tiny Chevrolet buses, General Motors also produced a series of merely small bus chassis under their own name in the late 1920s. There were T-30, T-40 and T-60 models used in the wider London area. The GMC T-30C used a 26.33 HP o.h.v. Buick engine producing 72.5 b.h.p. and was rated at 45 cwt. for 20-22 seats.

East Surrey had two T-30s, one a coach with a sunshine roof on its twenty-seater body, and the other a bus. Both were bought in the spring of 1929. The coach was used for private hire work, and was subsequently allocated to Green Line private hire operations. It was then numbered GM1 in the Green Line series. The other was presumably used on bus operations with East Surrey and then London General Country services. They both survived into London Transport days, with the bus apparently numbered GM2 at some stage. They were both disposed of in 1936.

More GMC buses came to LT during 1934 as small country area operators in the St.Albans area were taken over. The Albanian Bus Company operated a T-30 20-seater plus three T-60s and a larger T-40, while Reliance Coaches had a T-60 and City Omnibus Services a T-30. Perhaps not surprisingly these little, short-lived country buses remained very camera shy. London Transport used some briefly - one at least acquired a Northfleet garage code on its Albanian livery, but they all went in the October 1934 clear-out of tiny non-standard buses.

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