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ADC Photographic References

A key to the references can be found in the bibliography.

       DR 3734 LYG p39    c1932    Watford Omnibus Co

       FG 4697 LTG p53     193* WR off Staines service, in Windsor garage

       HM 8507 CBLA p46   c1934 WA on 312 to Watford (Gammons Lane), LT green/black

       HM 9651 Battlep139  */29    on Aldgate-Grays service (Battens)

       PH 1195 LBM22 p08   1935    on 434 to Horsham, Crawley

       PH 1196 Battle p90  192*    on 401B to Farningham (East Surrey)

 181   PH 1198 Battle p54  192* RG on 27 to Redhill (East Surrey)
               ESurrey#24  192* RG on 27 to Redhill (East Surrey #181)

       PH 1200 LBM22 p10   1933    on 34A to Westerham, East Grinstead, LGCS

       PH 1201 LYG p43     1932 RG Private, in Reigate garage, LGCS red/white

       PH 1892 Battle p52  6/27 LH on 418 to Epsom, (East Surrey)

       PH 8881 LBF339Sp12       MA on 336 to Amersham, ex East Surrey, General green, black band

       PH 8883 CBLA p14   c1932    on 36 to Windsor, ex East Surrey 90, LGCS red

       UC 2204 LYG p60     */32    on 304 to St.Albans, Borehamwood, LCGS

       UC 2205 Battle p66  9/29    on 310 to Stevenage, National livery
       UC 2215 CBLA p46   c1934    on 311C to Borehamwood, Watford, General green/black
       UC 2218 CBLA p20         GY on 372 to Purfleet Stn, General green/black
               LBF339Sp12  1934 WC in Windsor, LT green, black band
               VHD p56     1934 WC in Windsor 
               LCtryB p73  1934 WC in Windsor 
       UC 2224 LBM22 p11  1935     on 434 to Westerham, East Grinstead

AD 20  UC 2239 LBF339Sp102         in service to Watford West

AD 26  UC 2243 LBF339Sp12       WG on 344 to Cassiobridge, Watford, LT green, black band
               CBLA p52         WG on 344 to Cassiobridge, Watford, LT green, black band
AD 41  UC 2253 LTGp37      */35 HH in Two Waters garage

AD 4   YU 3894 LTGp37      */35 HH in Two Waters garage, LT green/black
               LBF339Sp11  */35 HH in Two Waters garage

AD 6   YU 3893 LBF339Sp11  */33    St.Albans, General green/black

151    PH 1209 CBLA p19    1932 RG (AW)in Reigate garage

       UC 2265 LYG p41    c1932 RG on 21 to South Park, Reigate, General red/off-white
R 44           LTG p37     */35 HH Private, in Two Waters garage, rebodied

       YN 3797 BlueT p     5/28    Lord Ashfield's parlour car

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